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Breakwater is a 164-page, Black and White, standard size, Slice-of-Life comic written and illustrated by Katriona Chapman. Published by Avery Hill Publishing. £12.99 – £25.00

A middle-aged woman enjoying the simplicity of an uncomplicated life befriends a new co-worker and slowly finds her life becoming more fraught with complexity than desired. In this slice-of-life comic creator Katriona Chapman explores the life of a content, somewhat reclusive, cinema worker, Chris. Chris’ life takes an unexpected turn when she and newly hired cinema employee Dan develop a close relationship. As Chris and Dan share more about themselves their relationship changes and Chris finds herself in an unforeseen and unwanted position.

Katriona expertly develops a cast of characters that are likeable and relatable. The two main characters are developed in the most detail and quickly grow into people the reader becomes invested in. The pacing of the story perfectly unfolds to maintain the reader’s interest and build suspense. Katriona’s art with its subtle shadows and shades of gray set the tone for not only the aging theater where much of the story takes place, but also for the overall mood of the story that touches on mental illness and abuse.

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