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Contents include: full-color wraparound cover by John Lambert (who also provided the illo for the back of the illustrated mailing wrapper); comics by Brian Canini and Larry Johnson; gag cartoons by Tisch; a Roger Keel piece on “woke” genre media and, essentially, why any fan shouldn’t be surprised at this progression in our social history; a previously unpublished Alan Sissom comic from 1978 (!); an interview with John Lambert (conducted by Jim Main); a few pages of small press reviews; letters from readers; and maybe a few other surprises. Now, does that sound like a fanzine or what?

Alan Sissom
PO Box 842
Greenwood, IN
46142 USA


Distopia!!: comics and art by Eliel J. Ribeiro, Henry Jaepelt, José Carlos de Souza and Laura Laco. Text in Portuguese.

Outono Zine: comics and art by Henry Jaepelt and Maria Jaepelt. Really lovely. Text in Portuguese.

Wandering Songs: poems by Philadelphian Ro Maurer, illustrated by Henry Jaepelt. Text in English.

Sobre-Vida: illustrated collaboration between Mara Zine, Henry Jaepelt, Fabiana Menassi, Ana Paula Sant’ana, Laura Laco and Jorge Luis. Text in Portuguese.

Henry Jaepelt
Caixa Postal 249
89120.970 Timbó, SC

Instagram: @henryjaepelt

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