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I’ve known Billy since he started out in self published comix with his Tile trilogy, and there is no greater joy in my mailbox than new work from him. His work has a “decorative expressionist” quality to it, by which I mean he puts higher emphasis on decorating the panel and emphasizing emotion than he does making something look like it’s from the real world (which … I find boring to see in comics anyway). It gives his work the kind of magical art feel to it that I prefer.

Peculiar Paper People is his current series (he has 15 of them to date), and they compile a lot of comics he’s published in prior titles such as Shot by a Ray Gun and work he’s had published in other anthologies. But these aren’t just re-prints. He’s updated them with color! I received #8 and #9 in the mail. 8 has one of my favorite stories he’s ever done “Secret Double Life” (originally published in Invisible Robot Fish #6, but now in full color!) and a bunch of other gems too. #9 has a comic that he did when he was 12 called “The Crusaders” which is truly one of those kids comics that deserves to be published. I have a ton of comics I did from when I was 12, and none of them stand up to the quality level as this one. It shows Billy’s raw talent for story-telling, pacing, and comedy in comics. #9 also features work by other kids, which rounds out the theme of #9 really well.

Pick up these titles and more at Billy’s new website:

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