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Amazing Little Comics #2


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The 2nd issue of our new popular title.  Amazing Little Comics #2 continues the adventures of Terra (Sci-Fi), Jerrak (Fantasy), and AstroRanger (Superhero) from the first issue.  This issue also has four additional pages (total of 28 pages) for the same low price of $1.00.

We formerly published mini-comics from 1986-1995, the Comic Book Publisher review-zine from 1997-1998, and a short lived micro-comic series under our previous imprint Sketchbook Illustrations/Comics.  We’re now publishing a new anthology mini-comic called Amazing Little Comics.  Our goal is to bring you the best in amateur comics at the lowest price!

Right now the Bantam House staff consist of the just one creator–me.  We are looking to add creators who want to contribute to ALC.

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