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From the latest BBB email:

Sad news from J.T. Yost about Birdcage Bottom Books

Hello beloved BBB customers. I’ve been putting off making a formal announcement, but I suppose it’s time to pull off the metaphorical band-aid. Due to some intense personal upheaval, I must step away from BBB after this upcoming spring publishing season. Daniel Whitfield, who has been running our shipping and fulfillment department, intends to continue in his role. This means we will be able to continue the distro and selling BBB publications, even if we’re not actively publishing new comics.

I haven’t been able to find someone willing to take over the multiple roles I inhabit, but I’m still holding out hope someone will so that BBB can continue in some form (please reach out if interested). We had a ton of remarkable comics in the pipeline, so hopefully those will still be published (Fieldmouse Press will be publishing November Garcia’s Complete and Utter Malarkey!)

I am searching for a more reliable/stable source of income, so if you know of any job openings that could utilize my skill set, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I am hoping to continue working within publishing (doesn’t have to be comics), but I’m open to other opportunities as well (especially if it’s a vegan or non-profit company!).

I’d love to get the rest of the BBB publications currently in our basement delivered to Daniel in California, so if any of you happen to be driving from NYC to California (near L.A.), I’d be happy to pay you to load up your trunk.

Thank you so much for being what I honestly consider my extended family. I’ve had so many wonderful interactions with many of you at shows, on social media, or through email, and I can’t thank you enough!

Love, J.T. Yost

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