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Edward Bolman sent me Noble Head Funnies # 7, and it’s signed and numbered as five of just 12 copies. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a rare treat, so I’ll do my best to earn my copy by reporting about it here on the Poopsheet. The cover seems to suggest that this is the last issue of Noble Head Funnies. I talked to Clark Dissmeyer who speculates that Ed may have just wanted to tie up loose ends. Much of this material may be over 10 years old. Maybe the community has been more interested in seeing this release than Ed was. Who knows? But here it is, all 32 pages of it compiled as a side-stapled 8 ½ x 11 magazine. The cover appears drawn with a loose hand using a graphite pencil – great energy! The interior is filled with various short strips staring Black Rayed Sun, Spittoon of Hidden Delights, Mr. Kitty Fluff, and a parade of supporting cast members including (of course) the Nobility Boys barbershop quartet. It’s solid joke telling absurdist humor at its best, and I can imagine that the life we all live these days makes it tougher to make things like this as time marches on, but I for one am glad Ed soldiered on with it, and who knows? Hand-written with a blue pen (at least in my copy) of this issue on page 24 in a story arc section titled “Detritus Dogs” are three words: “TO BE CONTINUED?”.

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