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You may have guessed that I edit AFTER THAT!, but no longer report “News from the Community” through that publication. Instead, I do it here! So if you’ve sent me something in exchange for AT!, I’ll report on it in the Poopsheet. Here’s what was in the mail:

Bubblegum Dada 009 “Liberty Rose”

Obscuro artists are often enjoying our not knowing who they are, and the “Bubblegum Dada Corporation” is one of those folks. The person who I only know as “Dean” has been sending stuff to COPY THIS and AFTER THAT editors for quite some time, and the most recent piece is a side-stapled mini called “Liberty Rose.” The last I reported on this artist was for issue 008 in this post here, and now I’ve received 009. It could or could not be a continuation of the stream of thought in the previous issue, but it’s following the same format: found (or drawn by Dean?) illustrations are accompanied by a story. This story recalls the man Charles Clarkson but is mostly about his daughter, Meredith Lacey (1864-1962). Just for fun I googled the name and a dentis from Pittsburgh comes up as well as a Welsh musician who goes by “Novo Amor” (Ali John Meredith-Lacey). Maybe this “Dean” is one in the same person, who knows? If so, I wonder how he gets his mail routed from Pittsburgh to the UK…?

Double Dip #3 | Tom Cherry & Dale Martin

A digest-sized color cover comic, 16 pages. It starts out with a Dad Man and Sonny story by Tom Cherry. There’s some great toilet humor here. Then it picks up where things left off with Watusi on a “Secret Origin of Foof” story arc by the cartoonist duo. This bit uses a book design I’ve not seen in comics before where the pages are cut into 3’rds yet still held in place by the saddle-stitch binding. This allows the viewer to “choose your own adventure” of how things unfold by flipping the panels instead of the pages, but things still end up in the same place regardless. It was an ambitious attempt for a novel story-telling technique. Get this at or .

The Zine-ology Report #3 | Alan Sissom

Alan’s decidedly fanzine-bent comics reporter is another way to get a “News from the Community” update much like the Poopsheet provides. The difference is that it includes references for materials that Alan puts out himself under his “Sissom Comics Group” collective such as Hmph! And Collectors Link. Alan struggled with whether to continue publishing or not due to some negative feedback he received, but I’m glad he keeps forging on if for nothing more than his own love of doing this kind of thing. You can get this by writing to Alan Sissom and sending $2 to, P.O. BOX 842, Greenwood, IN 46142.

Various Titles | Marc Myers

Marc sent me an 8 page mini called “Mulmig #3” and a digest-sized one called “Elephant #4.” Both include collaged illustrations to create some surreal pieces, some original comix, and some prose. Marc also reports that he edited a collection of work by Roman Scott called “Oddities and Other Groteques” available from (168 pages).

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