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Matrix #21

Sherman Burnett’s Matrix keeps on going. This issue was illustrated by Tony Lorenz. Sherman has a more recent issue than this illustrated by Joe Bagdon, but this is the one I recently received, and it’s from late last year. It’s a 16 page mini in which Matrix gets beat up by a clone. Once recovered, she tries to unravel the plans of some organized crime circles within circles. You can pick up Matrix and other offerings such as Energons by writing 184 Wayne St., Monticello, KY 42633 (or email Search for FIREBIRD PRESS COMICS on Facebook to learn about latest issue releases.

Bubblegum Dada 008

I received a side-stapled mini called “Glittering Prizes” or Bubblegum Dada 008, as it were, a 10-page short story with pictures. This is assembled by Dean of the Bubblegum Dada Corporation. The pictures appear to be “selected” for the story rather than drawn by Dean, but I could be wrong. I’m assuming he wrote the story (told in a style as if recalling a dream in which the main character recounts how he stumbled upon his latest career). There isn’t a lot of info about who made it, but there is an address to get it: 15 Dartington Walk, Leigham, Plymouth, Devon, PL68QA, UK.

The Imagination Link #53

Alan Sissom sent me The Imagination Link #53 which begins a story called “The Saga of the Link.” It’s an 8-page story that was redrawn or altered for this new reprinted version. It’s a story about a robot that achieves a state of self-awareness after a struggle. The style has a classic Marvel Comics feel to it. PO BOX 842, Greenwood, IN 46142.

Cynical Man (6 pack)

I received a Cynicalman 6 pack of 8 page minicomics from Matt Feazell. The anniversary edition of issue #1 was my favorite. It features the St. Louis Arch (which is about 8 miles away from where I live) and Godzilla. #13 is a story about fishing and going to see a movie (and features some happy fat fish drawings), #14 drags US President 45 and Cynicalman to the moon, and #16 adds a layer of viral mask protection to Cynicalman and the Board of Superheros. Speaking of the Board of Superheros, #4 is about a day in the life of Cynicalman working for them. Then finally, Amazing Cynicalman #41 (this is a different title than the others, the only difference is that this one doesn’t say “volume 1” in the liner notes) and reprints some newspaper strip style comics featuring the Noisome Neighbors and is in landscape format. You can chug a 6 pack like this by going to

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