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This is a great comic right up my alley, although, I have a bit of a quirky sense of humor. David has a very dry and quirky sense of humor too, and I so appreciate it. There are 29 short stories (some are just 1 page). What’s interesting is that David is the writer of all of these comics, but is only the cartoonist for 13 of them. For the rest, he collaborated to give other cartoonists the opportunity to have their work shown in this perfect bound beautifully printed book. It opens with a sci fi time travel conundrum that I’ve often contemplated myself. Right out of the gate, it doesn’t disappoint. It goes on from there with a variety of stories, some diary during lockdown, some fictional, some just joke ideas that work so well (I love the Han Solo bit). It feels like sketch comedy for comix. David does his readers who might not “get it” a great service in the back of the book by explaining what he was thinking about when he wrote each comic. So interesting to get even more insight there. If my local comic shop was full of comics like this by various people, I’d be broke.

You can find this comic available on his site at

Also of note, a podcast David is promoting called “That Comic Smell” which can be found on the various podcast apps out there.

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