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Written by Craig Payst, Art by Matt Feazell

This series of 8 page mini comics is another excellent comic series by Matt Feazell and written by Craig Payst. Here we witness the duo poking fun at continuity gimmicks used by big comic book companies to keep fanboys coming back for more. The “Cynicalverse” shows what wackiness ensues when the characters revisit Feazell’s very first Cynical Man plot from 1980 and see what happens when alternate universe characters show up. Same characters but different gender and race are haphazardly slapped on to existing characters to obtain a wider readership, but Craig and Matt know and are clearly doing the “haphazard slap sticking” on purpose to make fun of the way this has been done with the big industry comics. And just like in the big 2, high stakes ensue but ultimately everything goes back to the way it was and nothing really happens. Extra fun detail just for me … all of this takes place just 6 miles from my house at the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Hey wait … am I Cynicalman? No, I can’t be. I had to go look up who Vincent Schoemehl is. Surely the real Cynicalman would know.

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