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Bantam House Comics

About Me

I was born and raised NY.  I joined the military (Air Force) when I was 17 and was eventually assigned to the Hampton Roads area in Virginia.  I retired from the military and have live most of my life now here in Virginia with my wonderful wife.

I discovered small press comics back 1985 thanks to Tim Corrigan’s Small Press Comics Explosion review-zine.  I started publishing comics because of SPCE and ended up publishing several comic titles from 1986 through most of ’90s.  My two most notable and well received titles were The Realm of No Return and Deathraven.  In 1997 I started publishing my own review-zine called Comic Book Publisher.  It was also well received and was gaining traction.  Unfortunately, it was interrupted when I was transferred tp Panama in 1998.  That was pretty much the end of my small press publishing–life got in the way.

During the last decade, I’ve discovered comics from the Fandom area of 1960s-70s and have been heavy into collecting them.  From reading these comics and looking back of small press titles I collected earlier I started to get that itch again to create comics.  So, here I am…I published my first book earlier this year (2020) and plan on publishing many more.

I hope to reacquaint myself with old friends and make new ones…It’s great to be back.

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