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Cornelia Cartoons No. 16 is 16-page, digest size, black and white, all ages humor comic written and Illustrated by Kel M. Crum. Published by Dangerous Bird Productions.

It’s Cornelia’s 30th birthday! Cornelia has been around for 30 years and her creator, Kel Crum, celebrates this monumental milestone with a new comic featuring six short funnies! Cornelia recalls being a young girl and making friends, learning about what it means to be “an artist,” movie appreciation, comic collecting, the perils of department store shopping, and even Ed Thud makes an appearance! Each story is a quick, fun read sure to make you chuckle!

Kel has a knack of turning ordinary and otherwise mundane circumstances into comical situations at the expense of his girl Cornelia. The comedic timing works great throughout each piece and the cartoony art completes the gag every time!

You can experience a temporary escape from the depressive news of the real world through the pages of Cornelia Cartoons by Kel M. Crum at and reach out to Kel at e at

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