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Zombie Jesus vs Robot Hitler

Zombie Jesus vs Robot Hitler is a 24-page, full size, black and white, apocalyptic action/horror comic written ad lettered by Ira Hunter and illustrated by Joel Shelton. Published by 13 Flames Empire.

In a future not much more unbelievable than the reality we currently exist in, a corrupt government bent on seizing all power unleashes a robotic apocalypse in which the machines exterminate the humans in a battle for limited resources! Out of the radioactive wasteland one undead hero emerges to raise the lifeless, putrid bodies of the vanquished humans to fight the robots. The last savior of mankind… Zombie Jesus! And just how could the robots possibly hope to defeat the King of the Jews?! Well with their own Robot Hitler of course! What follows is a fight of epic proportions as flesh and steel meet in a melee of massacre and mechanical malfunction!

This ingenious story is overflowing with action and butchery as humanity’s most revered and reviled characters confront one another in page after page of well-drawn gory detail! You can join the fight at and find more at and

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