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Zebedee and the Valentines is a full color, 108-page, 160mm x 239mm comic written and illustrated by Abs Bailey. Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

An up and coming punk band with a self-centered front man gets the break of a lifetime, but internal clashes and conflicts threatens to bring it all down. This is a story about friendship, envy, and regret as told through the lives of four friends with a common goal but different priorities.

The characters are written as relatable personalities, each with their own fortes and flaws, with the most attention paid to the title character. The art on the other hand separates this comic from others like it. Whereas the story is a straightforward tale about relationships and self-discovery, the art places this comic into a whole different ballgame!

The characters are rendered as whimsical, cute, and scary with their anthropomorphic appearance and multi-colored skins. The backgrounds, clothing, and palette of colors bring a real psychedelic feel to the comic that lightens the heavy mood of the story and keeps it from being too gloomy. In fact the art lulls you into a feel-good happy mindset and then, bam! The story takes an unexpected turn that leaves you grieving. Quite a rollercoaster of a read!

You can rock out with Zebedee and the Valentines at and find more from Avery Hill Publishing at

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