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The Wicked Righteous

The Wicked Righteous #2 of 6 is a 32-page, full color, action/adventure post-apocalyptic, mature comic. Created and written by Terry Mayo, with pencils and ink by Lucas Romero, colors by Christopher Hall, and lettering by Brandon DeStefano. Published by Alterna Comics. Printed on newsprint. Perfect for fans of Stranger Things and Mad Max.

Lucas and his group find themselves cornered by the deadly Horsemen and are forced to put their trust in the mysterious Cross if they hope to make it out of the wastelands of San Diego alive! Meanwhile, uncle Abe is grievously injured and the recently rescued girl “JC” seems to have some mystery about her as well!

The strong biblical references in this story are hard to miss, but it is written so smartly that it’s equally hard to guess just where it’s leading. The storytelling is engaging and moves at a quick pace. The characters continue to be more fleshed out as their personalities continue to be revealed through various situations and interactions. The page compositions, artwork, colors, and lettering all combine to give The Wicked and the Righteous a clean, polished look that’s sure to please!

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