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White Cell Inoculation Chapter 4: The Verge is a 28-page, full color, futuristic mystery comic written and illustrated by Nicholas Melanshek.

In an apocalyptic future humanity has been pushed beyond its limits of sustainability, but a team of scientists are on the verge of a breakthrough that may just lead to immortality! Set against this backdrop, two sides battle to control the future and what’s left of civilization! As events unfold one agent finds himself pulled from the field and back to higher headquarters, only to be thrust suddenly into the middle of a surprise attack and the abduction of a very valuable asset!

Nick’s futuristic drama continues to deliver the excitement and intrigue in this fourth chapter of White Cell Inoculation! As always Nick pens entertaining and surprising action that moves the story in new directions with interesting twists. Nick also keeps up the inventive art style that gives the overall series a look that’s all its own. His skillful use of a limited color palette really brings a whole new and dynamic look to the pages that serve as the perfect complement to this spirited story!

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