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What We Don’t Talk About is a 108-page, full color, perfect bound, slice-of-life comic written and illustrated by Charlot Kristensen. Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

This comic explores prejudice and racism through an interracial between a white man and black woman. The couple have been in what appears to be a loving and mutual respectful relationship, but the girlfriend has never met her boyfriend’s family. Once she does, it becomes obvious to the reader why the boyfriend was reluctant to bring his girlfriend home, but the characters don’t seem to recognize their own racism, or how their actions (or inaction) nurtures an environment of bigotry.

Charlot Kristensen’s intimate look at racism focuses on the subtle prejudice that permeates society. The vague remarks, the generalizations, and the insensitive dismissals of historic and cultural differences. We are treated to these observations through the eyes and reactions of the main character, but we also experience the dismissive justification of the parents from their perspective, and the boyfriend’s hesitation to confront the racism he clearly sees.

You can delve into this complex issue through the pages of What We Don’t Talk About at

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