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Extra Good Stuff is a 64-page, full size, black and white, adult-oriented autobiographical Trade Paperback written by Dennis P. Eichhorn with art by Ivan Brunetti, Tom Van Deusen, Michael Arnold, Gerald Jablonski, Aaron Lange, Dame Darcy, R.L. Crabb, Pat Moriarity, David Collier, Colin Upton, Max Clotfelter, J.R. Williams, Noah Van Sciver, David Lasky, Sean Hurley, Ashleigh Talbot, and Stan W. Shaw. Published by Last Gasp.

This is Dennis P. Eichhorn’s last book. He died in 2015 and Last Gasp released Extra Good Stuff shortly thereafter. In this collection of reprints and new stories Dennis and his artistic accomplices explore Dennis’ everyday world of sex, drugs, and weird experiences that make the lives most of us live look like a quiet evening at the local library. In these stories Dennis offers us an honest glimpse into a life lived to the fullest. From taxiing prostitutes around to prospecting for gold, Extra Good Stuff provides unique observations as related by a talented story teller and illustrated by an assemblage of some of the best indie artists in comics today!

The stories all resonate with a truth that cuts to the quick of the human experience. Uncertainty, desperation, struggles, and poverty all serve as too common yet realistic backdrops to situations wrapped in dark humor and offbeat misadventures. Each artist masterfully captures the essence of the tale being told with exquisite line work and attention to detail. The variety of styles and the diversity of stories make Extra Good Stuff an entertaining comic that’s hard to put down!

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