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Micah Nova Craft and Space Work

I make mini comix and small books. Things I've made over the years since I made my first one back in 1996 include Ninja Guy, Space Car Junkie, Feldspar, Snow World, Grey Planet, and the Poisoned Wood.

I received 4 little minis from Tom Cherry in the spirit of good ol’ fashioned screwball humor. The first I’ll mention is “Nibble the Bite-Sized Comic Book: Meet Fish Boy!” It’s a little different than the others because it’s 12 pages and it had some collaborative writing help from Keith O’Brien, Dale Martin, and John Oak Dalton (and with an apology to John P for a good-humored poke at his cover style on the second to last page). The other 3 comix are all 8 page saddle stitched minis. “Grandma Bev” 1 and 2 are about a rough and tough grandma character … and that’s why it’s funny, people! The next is “Sketchy @ Best” which is a fun collection of Tom’s doodles and sketches.

All of these are 50 cents each, and you can get them by going to … ahem …


Mini Mart

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