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Those Who Seek is an 8-page, black and white mini comic printed on purple paper and written and illustrated by Michael Kraiger. Published by Rotted Brain Press. $2

The search for self-fulfillment takes shape in the pages of this mini! Philosophical ponderings, mysteries, forbidden knowledge, drug induced visions, cosmic horrors, sadomasochism, spiritual contentment, love, and more! Your doorway to enlightenment awaits in these eight pages of profoundness! And, it’s all brought to you by Michael Kraiger, an instructor at The Kubert School. Michael says he’s doing his part keeping mini-comics alive by giving his students assignments to create them. Bravo to you Mr. Kraiger! This particular mini is Michael’s own creation and it has all the answers!

Get your answers by sending two bucks to:

Michael Kraiger

51 Berry St.


Dover, NJ 07801

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