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The White Buffalo Gazette May, 2018 is a full size, B&W, 24-page Obscuro art zine put together by Edward Parker Bolman and Elmore “Buzz” Buzzizyk.

This spring issue of the Albino Bison is filled with toons and info from and about a collection of oddball artists from all over the place! Between the pages you’ll find news and scribbles from D. Blake Werts, Carrie McNinch, Max Clotfelter, Jim Siergey, Chad Woody, Matt Feazell, Michael Neno, Carol Pond, Jacob Alvarez, Jeff Zenick, Michael Dowers, Sean Bieri, Billy McKay, Jeff Gaither, John Porcellino, Jason Rodgers, Cameron Forsley, Clark Dissmeyer, Lara, Andrew Goldfarb, Matt Jones, Verl Holt Bond, and probably more that I missed!

Saddle up the hairy swine and ride into the obscuro comix scene by contacting Edward Parker Bolman at sandfleapress(AT)gmail(DOT)com or  Elmore “Buzz” Buzzizyk at buzzizyk(AT)gmail(DOT)com You can also find The White Buffalo Gazette on Twitter at but I don’t think the account is very active.

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