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The Strong Baked Defenders #3 is a standard size, full color, 33-page comic created by “Red” Fox and Matti V with line art by Zdravko Jandric, colors by Milan Rogulja (Cover) and El Zorro Rojo (Body), lettering by K’Eyi K’Ebero, character development by Rob Thibodeau, and modeling sheets by Vincent Marchesano. Published by Cor Industries.

After developing super powers while stoned, four friends start to figure out how to control their new abilities and work together. As the team begins to come together, the secret organization behind their super powers sends the group out on their first mission. Things don’t exactly go as planned and as they recover from their failures the guys find themselves in the middle of an even more dangerous situations!

Light up and take on the bad guys with The Strong Baked Defenders at!

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