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The Strong Baked Defenders #2 is a standard size, full color, 28-page comic created by “Red” Fox and Matti V with line art by Zdravko Jandric, colors by Milan Rogulja (Cover) and El Zorro Rojo (Body), lettering by K’Eyi K’Ebero, character development by Rob Thibodeau, and modeling sheets by Vincent Marchesano. Published by Cor Industries.

It’s issue two and the four friends that got high and wandered into an ambush in the last issue now find themselves in an even more perilous situation! One can’t stop eating, another keeps leaving his body, a third is causing gravitational disruptions while having moments of philosophical clarity, and the fourth guy is falling apart…literally! On top of all that this quartet learns they’re now part of some bizarre experiment to turn them into heroes! Secret organizations, transformative pills, and too much THC are the ingredients that baked into this issue of The Strong Baked Defenders! 

The writing continues to build the suspense as the characters undergo intriguing changes leaving this issue with another effective cliffhanger. The concept behind The Stone Baked Defenders is becoming clearer and taking a really original and funny approach to the whole superhero mythos!

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