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The Seas is a 49-page, A5, landscape, color anthology with an aquatic theme. Created by Ian Miller, Dave Crane, Mister Zinester, Gareth Hopkins, Iestyn Pettigrew, Miranda Smart, Sophie Ell, Vacuum Books, Jaime Nyx, Motobus, and Simon Russell and published by Body Parts.

Ride the waves of The Seas with an eclectic group of creators as they chart a course of self-exploration and navigate their way through mysterious waters with the use of words and images! Each story in this collection is a unique piece completely different from the next. The only commonality is the individual voice that resonates like a flowing stream, running through the pages and emptying into The Seas! The narrative styles and artwork are truly original and combine to form imaginative compositions that reveal personal stories and splendid art unlike anything you’re likely to find elsewhere!

Set sail for The Seas at and find more at and and find more from the creators of The Seas at:

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