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The Repercussionists #3 is a 32-page, black and white, standard size, Kaiju comic written and illustrated by Eric Meyer and Matthew Anderson.

If you’re not yet familiar with this series, The Repercussionists is about a crew of characters that are responsible for cleaning up the mess after giant monsters and robots slug it out in the middle of cities. Now in this issue of The Repercussionists we’re treated to some background info on the four main characters of the series. We’re taken back to the characters’ early years when they first came in contact with one another. We learn about the origin of these relationships and delve deeper into the characters themselves to learn what their motivations are and how their youth shaped them into the people they are today. But fear not, during the retrospective glances at the team, we’re also treated to giant monsters and robots too!

The storytelling in this issue is really effective. The character development is excellent and enhances what has so far been a unique and interesting story. The art is also handled with skill and expertise. The neat thing about the art is that each of the creators share the duties of illustrator. This gives the entire series a nice mix of styles that just adds to the distinctiveness of The Repercussionists!

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