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I sent Bruce Chrislip $40 and he sent me his 462 page volume recently, and if you love minicomix, you’ve got to stop buying soda and save your pennies for this! It blows my mind that such an effort was made to catalogue the ephemeral spirit of the minicomix, tracing it all the way back to it’s “secret origins” and influences. You’ll see names you are familiar with like Matt Groening and Art Spiegelman, but the book really comes in handy when you learn about some of the great proliferators of the form by people like Gary Arlington and then Clay Geerdes and his Comix World anthology. You’ll also learn about Chrislip’s own City Limits Gazette. What’s most fascinating to me is reading about people I have never heard of and looking at cover images of so many comix. The cover of this book is color and the interior is black and white type and images. Also on display in this post are some minis that I have in my collection that were made by Bruce Chrislip, but don’t bank on him having more of these. I just wanted to show that the writer of this book is an awesome minicomix-making creator himself who has been around from the start. He knows his stuff!

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