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The Flood That Did Come is a 72-page, perfect bound, full color, stamp art comic written and illustrated by Patrick Wray. Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

This is a neat little story told through various compositions of blue and red stamp art. The tale is set in the future where we find two children living in a valley protected from a devastating flood that has overtaken surrounding villages. The children go about life as usual until one day when two other children arrive by boat. Soon the children learn of plans that threaten not only their safe haven, but their future as well!

Patrick Wray spins a yarn here that warns of technology’s inability to stop nature, human greed and deceit, the never ending reach of bureaucracy, friendship, sabotage, and death. All this and it’s told entirely through stamp art neatly wrapped around a little British flooding!

Your can get your feet wet with The Flood That Did Come at

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