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Micah Nova Craft and Space Work

I make mini comix and small books. Things I've made over the years since I made my first one back in 1996 include Ninja Guy, Space Car Junkie, Feldspar, Snow World, Grey Planet, and the Poisoned Wood.

Bruce Chrislip sent me this 8 page mini that he did live at Space (virtual) 2020, and it kind of tells a story of mini comix through simply changing style, character sketch, and collage in 8 pages. It’s fun to watch Bruce make this mini, and his wife even comes in at one point with a dramatic piano entrance. What’s kind of a mystery is … just who did he put on the cover of his mini? It’s certainly not him. I’m sure if you’re in the know, you probably know. You’ll also see other creators making minis too, so check that out HERE.

Also, one of the pages of this mini will be reproduced in the new 61’st issue of Copy This! (re-titled “After That!”) coming soon.


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