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Shred or Dead issues #s 1,2, and 3 are black and white, with multi-color risograph covers, digest size (24-pages issue #1, 36-pages issue #2, and 28-pages issue #3), all ages comics created by D. Bradford Gambles. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books. Plus, issues come with Stickers!

In this trilogy of tales a group of misfit skater kids form a crew in an attempt to “level up” and re-take their recently lost territory. As the crew endeavor to find ways to reclaim what was theirs, they find themselves in weird and wacky situations that playout through each issue. In issue one the crew forms and must out maneuver a persistent law man! In issue two the crew must cross “The Circus of Death” in order to find a fabled skater that can help them take back their territory! Then, in issue three, the crew encounter the darker side of the skater community when they wander into a spooky underground!

All three issues approach the skater culture with tongue firmly planted in cheek! The stories are well written, fun, and ridiculously absurd! The art is bold, polished, and full of dynamic action! The overall page designs perfectly match the story pacing and carries the art’s dynamism from panel to panel and issue to issue!

Shred or Dead is an expertly written and illustrated comic series packed with fun and suitable for all ages! You can jump on the board at and find more at and

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