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Shake the Lake Volumes 1-3 is a 100+ page, full color, alternative, summer wakeboarding, anti-establishment comic and graphic novel created by Zach Block, Machi Block, Diego Lopez Mata, and Andrea Lopez Mata. Published by North Air Entertainment.

A group of bored young people set out on one last summer wakeboarding adventure before entering college or the fulltime workforce. Their quest for wondrous water takes the group of friends to Lake Victoria, Arizona. An oasis in the desert where one of the group’s uncles just happens to live…and he needs help running the family marina for the summer. What follows is a reunion with a little girl that has grown into a stunning young woman, an ambitious plan to save a bullied marina from a snobby yacht club, and clashes with local authorities delight in abusing their power!

This is a tale about coming of age set against the backdrop of summertime fun, relationships, and responsibilities. The writing really develops the main characters in a lot of detail. Throughout the storytelling the characters are further defined and fleshed out as they encounter different situations and make difficult decisions. As the story unfolds the characters’ individual personalities take form and solidify their importance to the tale. The art in Shake the Lake has a very distinct look. The backgrounds are highly detailed and realistic. The settings make you believe the characters are really in a lake town at the height of tourist season. The figure drawing also captures the distinctive features of each character, bringing a consistent realism to them that further grounds the comic in a believable setting.

You can ride the wakes of Shake the Lake at and find more at and

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