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Sentinel No.4 is a 64-page, full color cover, black and white interior, digest size horror comic written by Alan Holloway, illustrated by Ian Beadle, and lettered by Ed Doyle. Cover art by Ed Doyle.

This issue of Sentinel features the horror tale “Misty Moore.” Set in the 1980s, the story tells the tale of a young girl, Misty, and her family that move into an estate shared by three other families. Misty has a history of being bullied and hopes to make a clean start in her new school. Things don’t go as well as Misty had hoped and soon her past problems begin to resurface, but this time a ghostly accomplice offers assistance!

Sentinel No.4 is a neatly woven ghost story with a surprising twist! The drama unfolds at a satisfying pace and is backed up with a healthy helping of gore! No part of the story feels rushed or drawn out. The setting, background, and characters are all developed in sufficient enough detail to convey a believable story in an environment the reader can relate to!

Here’s a little background: Sentinel was started in October 2019 because Ed Doyle missed Starblazer, a 64 page black and white UK Sci Fi digest. He suggested to Alan Holloway that they bring it back, and Sentinel was born. The first issue was a daft space adventure, the second a serious “Spartacus but with dragons” story, and the third an even dafter space adventure.

Initially the plan was just for the two of them to do it, but other artists were strangely enthusiastic about working for peanuts. As it gives Ed a break, he agreed to bring on more artists, with Alan staying as writer as it takes a lot less time.

Issues three and four have featured the full length debuts of Paul Spence and Ian Beadle, and it’s been great to see them both explore their talents.

Alan and Ed have worked together for over a year, mostly on 2000AD related strips for the likes of Zarjaz and Sector 13, as well as over 80 three panel humour strips called The Whole Twoth.

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