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Rooftop Stew is a 120-page, fictional and autobiographical, black and white, perfect bound, standard size comic written and illustrated by Max Clotfelter. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

A while back I gave a short pre-review of Rooftop Stew while it was still in development. Back then I praised Max Clotfelter’s art and storytelling after seeing just a small piece of this 120-page monster of a comic. Well, now I’ve had the pleasure of reading the whole thing and all I can say is wow! What a great collection of bizarre stories and wonderfully weird art! In the pages of Rooftop Stew Max takes the reader on a comically curious trip through a world of clods, creeps, and cretins all beautifully illustrated in bold black ink!

Max’s cast of misfit characters stumble through a neglected plane of existence littered with drugs and filth set against a greasy stained background dripping with sex and open sores. Unique characters such as the much maligned “Redeye” find themselves in the midst of violence, schemes, and abandonment while dealing with less than ideal parental role models. Other characters, to include Max himself, wander through corrupting and salacious scenarios involving stealing porn from the underprivileged, smoking PCP, shooting explosives, hunting tail with dad, and getting into bar fights! Plus a bunch of other stuff that completes this portrait of working class pain and suffering in the seedy south as well as other squalid settings!

Max Clotfelter’s old-school, underground art style perfectly captures the grimy gist of his tortured tales. His penchant for delicious detail fills each panel of every page with entertaining elements of a soiled life that begs to be consumed by the curious and examined with eyes wide open!

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