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OUR STORY THUS FAR #2 Peter Laird KEVIN EASTMAN Chester Brown underground jam comix


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This was an ambitious jam comics project organized by Brad W. Foster with a really impressive line-up of contributors from the realms of underground comix, minicomics and the sf/fantasy community. Each artist contributed one page which built upon and furthered the pages completed before them.

A great thing about this issue is that Steve Willis’ Morty the Dog enters the picture so you get to see all sorts of artists offer their take on Morty (not to mention the lead human character, who happens to look a bit like Brad Foster). Other characters appearing include Underdog and Peter Laird’s Triceratron (not sure if this predates official TMNT use or not).

Contributors in this issue:

• Chester Brown (Yummy Fur)
• Matt Wagner (Mage, Grendel)
• Jim Valentino (normalman, Shadowhawk)
• Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
• Peter Laird (TMNT)
• J.R. Williams (Crap, Bad Teens)
• Phil Foglio (XXXenophile)
• Steve Willis (Cranium Frenzy)
• Dave Patterson (Mini Ha-Ha, Aminals)
• Garry Hardman (Newave East)
• Jane J. Oliver (Tales of Jerry, Vampire Vignettes)
• Roldo (Free Kluck)
• Kenneth Smith (Phantasmagoria, The Comics Journal)
• Doug Holverson (Captain Saucer, Interstellar Overdrive)
• Randy Clark (Sweet Cheeks)
• Larry Dickison (Goodies)
• Kerry Gammill (Superman, Marvel Team-Up)
• Keith Wilson
• Bill Anderson (Ultrazine)
• Roger Stine
• Lela Dowling (The Dreamery, Fusion)
• Tom Roberts (Anti-Social, Cultural Jet Lag)
• Keith Woods
• David Lee Anderson
• Kim Muslusky
• Reg Platt
• Kat Cruickshank
• Kyle Miller (Fan’toons)
• Brad W. Foster (wraparound color airbrush cover)

– 5½ × 8½”
– 32 pages, full-color covers
– published by Jabberwocky Graphix, 1985

Condition: Minor wear, complete and intact, no tears or markings, tight binding. Please enlarge the images for a closer look.

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