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NOT MY SMALL DIARY #11 Raina Telgemeier JOHN PORCELLINO Andi Watson REKLAW comic zine 2004


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Excellent diary comic anthology edited by Delaine Derry Green. This issue’s theme revolves around life at 11 years or old or younger.

This two-volume edition has comics by Raina Telgemeier, Andi Watson, John Porcellino, Trevor Alixopulos, Jesse Reklaw, Donna Barr, Mark Campos, Dave Kiersh, Ian Carney, Austin English, Dan Moynihan, Sue Clancy, Peter Conrad, Nate Corrigan, Matt Dembicki, Kelly Froh, Tatiana Gill, Michael Goetz, Andrew Goldfarb, Edward J. Grug III, Ayun Halliday, Madeleine Fix Hansen, Matt Holdaway, Bobby Tran Dale, Richard Howell, Larned Justin, Patty Leidy, Joe Marshall, Clutch McBastard, John Miller, Fred Noland, Misun Oh, Joel Orff, Androo Robinson, Dave Roman, MariNaomi, Barry Scanlan, Thomas Sciolino, Jim Siergey, Jerry Sims, Steve Skeates, Ben T. Steckler, Elizabeth M. Tamny, Scott Thigpen, Yul Tolbert, Pete Wentzell, Ben Snakepit, Patrick Williams, and Roxanne Bielskis.

NOTE: Vol. 2 has a slight printing error. The pages were folded in the wrong direction. So, instead of seeing pages 1-50, you first get pages 25-50 and then 1-24. Easy enough to deal with when reading.

108 pages, bound with safety pins, 5½ x 8½”. Published by Delaine Derry Green, 2004.

Condition: General wear, complete and intact, collation error (see note above), no tears or markings, binding is good, clean interiors. Please enlarge the images for a closer look.

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