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Monthly Mini-Comics (Dec. 2017) WAG RAG #2½ and WHAT IS PUNK KOMIX


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The December installment of the Poopsheet Foundation Monthly Mini-Comic series. All proceeds help in building and maintaining the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database. Shipping is included in the price for this series.

This time we’ve got Wag Rag #2½ by Max Clotfelter, Andy Nukes and Hal Mundane, plus What Is Punk Komix, a solo mini by Carl Alessi.

– 4¼ x 5½”
– 14 pages total
– published by the Poopsheet Foundation, 2017

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Hi, Rick Bradford here. I’ve been selling mini-comics and zines both new and old since 2004. Before that I published the Poopsheet reviewzine, wrote reviews for other outlets, and published various other mini-comics. It’s in my blood!

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