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COMICKAZI #1 comic fanzine JAMES BAMA Bob Juanillo ROBERT NAPIER Frazetta 1969


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Contents include: interview with James Bama; a Dragnet/Conan mash-up spoof (no, really); reprinted Prince Valiant strips from 1948; a science fiction art section by Juanillo; fiction interview with Dr. Fredric Werthless; a bit of fumetti; several nicely-reproduced Frank Frazetta Famous Funnies covers; “A Graphic Opinion” column by E.G. Yanari; more.

Comics and art by Bob Juanillo, Robert Napier, Larry Sidebottom

Characters in fan art include: Thor, MAD Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman, Dagwood Bumstead, Yellow Kid, Scrooge McDuck, Woody Allen, Li’l Abner, Jiminy Cricket, Henry, Jughead Jones

Offset, 56 pages, saddle-stitched magazine. Published by Suicide Publications, 1969.

Condition: General wear, water stain at lower spine, complete and intact, no tears or markings, tight binding. Please enlarge the images for a closer look.

>> Steven Ogden Collection << 

This item comes from the collection of the late Steven Ogden, fanzine author, publisher, researcher and my friend. Steve was active in fandom (SF/fantasy and comics), including APAs (FAPA, CAPA-Alpha) and publishing for decades under the Spotted Zebra Press/New Spotted Zebra Press banners (with his wife, Vicki). His publications include the massive Brad W. Foster Checklist of Published Works from the 20th Century, Edgar’s Journal, Ouroborus and many others.

Hi, Rick Bradford here. I’ve been selling mini-comics and zines both new and old since 2004. Before that I published the Poopsheet reviewzine, wrote reviews for other outlets, and published various other mini-comics. It’s in my blood!

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