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CARTOON LOONACY #62 underground comix CEREBUS Groo TMNT Alfred E. Neuman CHARLES SCHULZ


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Cartoon Loonacy is an APA (amateur press association) such as CAPA-alpha or Rowrbrazzle. Its membership is comprised of cartoonists and its focus is comics of all kinds. Begun in 1984 by George Erling.

Contents include: a reproduction of an ’80s Brian Buniak-drawn flyer for the Comic Book Emporium that features Alfred E. Neuman, Groo, Cerebus, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and other characters; Peanuts/Charles Schulz tributes; more.

Comics and art by Mark Campos, Hilary Barta, Mike Bannon, Ed Repka, Delaine Derry Green, Brian Buniak, George Erling, Jim Siergey, Jim Ryan, Mike Kazaleh, Carol Pond, Brian Horst and Rick Bradford.

Print run: around 25 copies.

Characters in member artwork include: Cerebus, Groo the Wanderer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Alfred E. Neuman (MAD Magazine), Charlie Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, Wolverine, Reuben Flagg, Storm, Boris the Bear, Howard Cosell, Howard Stern, Tiny Tim, and others

42 printed pages (a few are one-sided), side-stapled magazine. Central mailer: Mark Campos, 2000.

Condition: General light wear, complete and intact, no tears or markings, binding is good, clean interiors. Please enlarge the images for a closer look.

Hi, Rick Bradford here. I’ve been selling mini-comics and zines both new and old since 2004. Before that I published the Poopsheet reviewzine, wrote reviews for other outlets, and published various other mini-comics. It’s in my blood!

Feel free to contact me from the contact form on this page or through my Mini Mart profile.

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