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CARTOON LOONACY #33 underground comix LANGRIDGE Foglio ARAKELIAN Erling APA 1992


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Cartoon Loonacy is an APA (amateur press association) such as CAPA-alpha or Rowrbrazzle, although it’s historically more tied to newave/minicomix. Its membership is comprised of cartoonists and its focus is comics of all kinds. Begun in 1984 by George Erling.

Contents include: Dr. Seuss-inspired cover art by Gary Fields; two-page article on Japanese animated film “Alakazam the Great”; some exquisite corpse drawings (by Chrislip, Phil Foglio, Donna Barr, Edd Vick, Hal Hargit, Jeff Wood, Getsu Shin and Cindy Murata); an Erling/Fields jam comic; lots more.

Comics and art by Gary Fields, George Erling, Roger Langridge, John A. Wilcox / Pete Fitzgerald, Mike Kraiger, Mark Campos, Greg Bear (Greg Spagnola), Jim Ryan, Jim Siergey, Bill Fitts, Hank Arakelian, Darren Auck, Bruce Chrislip, Phil Foglio, Donna Barr, Edd Vick, Hal Hargit, Jeff Wood, Getsu Shin and Cindy Murata.

Print run: around 25 copies.

Characters in member art include: Mr. Natural, Bride of Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, mummy, Invisible Man, Superswine, Thor, Thing, Underdog, Barney Rubble, Charlie Brown, Charlie Tuna, Albert Alligator

88 pages (some one-sided, so more like 72 pages of content), side-stapled magazine. Central mailer: Gary Fields, 1992.

Condition: General storage wear, complete and intact, no tears or markings, tight binding, clean interiors. Please enlarge the images for a closer look.

>> Steven Ogden Collection << 

This item comes from the collection of the late Steven Ogden, fanzine author, publisher, researcher and my friend. Steve was active in fandom (SF/fantasy and comics), including APAs (FAPA, CAPA-Alpha) and publishing for decades under the Spotted Zebra Press/New Spotted Zebra Press banners (with his wife, Vicki). His publications include the massive Brad W. Foster Checklist of Published Works from the 20th Century, Edgar’s Journal, Ouroborus and many others.

Hi, Rick Bradford here. I’ve been selling mini-comics and zines both new and old since 2004. Before that I published the Poopsheet reviewzine, wrote reviews for other outlets, and published various other mini-comics. It’s in my blood!

Feel free to contact me from the contact form on this page or through my Mini Mart profile.

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