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“51 Unceded” Issue #1 3.00

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“51 Unceded” is the Ultimate anxiety story for America!

In the mysterious southern desert regions of Nevada, US Special Agent Tom Daniel is assigned to the ‘ETEP’ or Extra-Terrestrial Exploratory Program, seeking evidence of alien life on Earth.

He thought evidence of alien life on American soil was never possible, until now. Ken Hoekkante, a local rancher and Tribal Elder, has been having dreams that are growing clearer as time goes by. What will happen next?!

Moving Comic Factory is headed up by Vince Vaitiekunas, artist/writer based in Toronto.

Early comic efforts into business started way back in the late 70s, producing 3 pager comics for 5 cents, minted off the alcohol/benzene based spirit drum copiers in the principal’s office.  $2.12 was made in the first quarter, but students were often sent home due to light-headedness.

After working in post production and video production for 2 decades, he has returned to drawing inappropriate comic art in his home office. This time there’s no benzene.  Check back for upcoming, and ongoing weirdness!

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