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This package arrived a little while ago but, if Floyd is out of anything here, I bet he’s got plenty more to substitute. He seems to have a constant stream of new minis coming out!

Something he does that’s very old school is just reprint stuff he likes (to give away to fans). Here’s a list of the most recent zines I know about (some pictured, some not): Dartgirl: Space Station Disaster (three issues of comics by Floyd), Dartgirl: The Alien Dark, Spidermanga Fan Comic, Takuya Yamashiro Must Become Spiderman Fan Comic (full-color fumetti pulled from the 1978 Japanese Spider-Man movie, or is it the TV series?), Lost in Space Manga, Thunderbirds Vehicle Specifications, Bat Manga (cool ’60s Batman graphics from Japan), Microcomic #1 (reprints a Golden Age kids’ story I can’t place), Survivor Rule Book, Fan Art (art by Floyd), Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode Guide, and Batman Technical Manual. That’s a lot of minis, right?

Check out the Microcomic website or email Floyd Lewis to see what he’s got available.

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