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My Life in Records #6: Here We Are Now Entertain Us is a 24-page, full color, square format, “thinly veiled autobiography,” minicomic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

In this issue the main character, Tom, discovers a world of music beyond the Christian radio channel he usually listens to. After a trip to the library and a Boy Scout camping excursion, Tom’s musical horizons are forever expanded thanks to Nirvana and others.

Grant’s storytelling is so open and honest, it really pulls you in and is so easy to relate to. Reading this issue made me remember my early music interests and my friends not understanding how I could possibly like artists like David Bowie or Iggy Pop. Funny memories for me, but a totally relatable story about a young kid finding a formerly unknown world of music and the lasting impact such an experience like that can have.

Grant always delivers enjoyable stories and you can enjoy My Life in Records #6: Here We Are Now Entertain Us and many other comics by Grant at

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