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Mount a Rescue is 72-page, black and white/color, digest size comics anthology with stories written and drawn by David Robertson. Also includes guest artwork by Clio D, Zu Dominiak, Damon Herd, Olivia Hicks, Rebecca Horner, Vedis Huldudottir, Asuna Ikeshima, Paddy Johnston, Marc KC, Tim Kelly, Francesca Mancuso, Norrie Millar, Emma Oosterhouse, Neil Paterson, Ludi Price, Mike Sedakat, Veddabredda, Pam Wye, and Cherish York. Published by Fred Egg Comics.

Every comic David Robertson puts out is full of unique and totally unexpected tales. In Mount a Rescue, David’s most recent offering, his tradition of truly original storytelling continues! This time David delivers 35 diverse stories, many illustrated by different artists, each with their own distinctive style. A sampling of what waits between the covers of Mount a Rescue is a story of a personal connection to the movie Blade Runner and its various iterations. Then, in a completely unrelated tale, we get to walk underwater with a deep sea diver! Then, going in a different direction, we meet an unlikely hero in Glue-Man! And even more variety awaits in stories that touch on Star Wars, aging with Homer Simpson, a trip to India, a Shit Comic Competition, and what Mr. T missed out on because of his fear of flying! And that’s just a few of the things in the 35 stories that make up Mount a Rescue! All this diversity in subject matter combined with just as much range in art really makes this comic a collection of the unexpected!

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