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Received 3 comix from the Mission City Comix collective today. In order as shown:

The [Frisco] Seems a Little Less Special #1 – This is Mikey’s heartfelt recount of growing up in the San Francisco bay area, becoming a graph/comix artist, the origins of the Mission City Comix collective in the mid 90’s, and the characters that fell in and out of the scene. He centers the story mostly as an ode to his friend Spesh who died unexpectedly. It’s hard to nail down exactly when this book was made, but a statement about how things happened “19 years ago” makes me think this book was made around 2017. (size: 2 ½ x 4 ¼”)

The Blooper Mini – by various MCC artists. All the text is backwards requiring special reading abilities or a device that can flip the text for you, such as a simple mirror. Unknown date. (size: 2×3”)

Accidental Pimp Man #1 – by Rio. 2003. Similar to the origin story of Spider-Man yet different, the outcome of getting bit by a radioactive pimp. (size: 2 ½ x 4 ¼”)

You can learn more about this group by visiting their website:

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