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Miscellaneous Info

Editing products:

In addition to the Products tab in the Seller Dashboard, you can also edit, delete or duplicate a product from the product page itself. The options are above the tags (if you use the Short Description they’re right below that).

Member Blogs:

You’ll see a Blog tab at the top of your profile page. Click on that and you’ll have the option to create a new post. Your posts will be archived on the same page and everybody’s posts will also display in the blog proper.

Blog Rules:

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but please only post about topics relevant to the site. Mini-comics, zines, self-publishing, tips and tricks, printing, that sort of thing. Promote your new issue, a sale in your shop, whatever you like as long as it’s appropriate for the site.


Buying postage online and printing the shipping labels at home is cheaper than going to the post office if you ship via parcel/package rates (basically, stiff or thick packages). You’ll need a scale to get accurate weights. Free options include PayPal, Pirate Ship and USPS (Priority Mail only).

Seller Dashboard:

The order status “processing” means the order has been paid for but not yet shipped. If a customer has placed an order but hasn’t paid it won’t show on the Dashboard.

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