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It’s Mini-Comic Monday with two Michael Neno Mini-Comics, Tune Time Presents “The Stuck-Inside Song” and Horse Crime Comics 20-pages and 24-pages respectively, full color, micro-mini size! Written and published by Michael Neno. Graphics (public domain) by Ann Erewster, Bill Fix, Al Hartley, Ed Moline, Lin Streeter, Dick Giordano, Ernie Hart, and Walter Johnson.

In Tune Time Presents “The Stuck-Inside Song” Michael Neno provides a lyrical look at life inside as we all struggle with social distancing and self-seclusion within the confines of our homes in these pandemic times. To sing this sorrowful song Michael appropriates public domain imagery that appears to have been pulled from Romance Comics and adds his own tongue-in-cheek dialogue in a rhyming romp that perfectly captures what most of us are really thinking!

Next, in Horse Crime Comics, Michael treats us to a new take on the Western Comics genre where a horse confronts its double-crossing human! Bullets fly, hooves kick up dust, and scores get settled…old west style! It’s a hoot! If talking horses with guns were the norm in Western Comics when I was a kid, I would’ve been a huge fan!

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