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Breakwater by Katriona Chapman

July 29, 2021 in Reviews

Breakwater is a 164-page, Black and White, standard size, Slice-of-Life comic written and illustrated by Katriona Chapman. Published by Avery Hill Publishing. £12.99 – £25.00

A middle-aged woman enjoying the simplicity of an uncomplicated life befriends a new co-worker and slowly finds her life becoming more fraught with complexity than desired. In this slice-of-life comic creator Katriona Chapman explores the life of a content, somewhat reclusive, cinema worker, Chris. Chris’ life takes an unexpected turn when she and newly hired cinema employee Dan develop a close relationship. As Chris and Dan share more about themselves their relationship changes and Chris finds herself in an unforeseen and unwanted position.

Katriona expertly develops a cast of characters that are likeable and relatable. The two main characters are developed in the most detail and quickly grow into people the reader becomes invested in. The pacing of the story perfectly unfolds to maintain the reader’s interest and build suspense. Katriona’s art with its subtle shadows and shades of gray set the tone for not only the aging theater where much of the story takes place, but also for the overall mood of the story that touches on mental illness and abuse.

You can explore the various relationships contained in Breakwater at

Mineshaft No.40 Edited by Everett Rand

July 26, 2021 in Reviews

Mineshaft No.40 is a 60-page, digest size, black and white, comic zine anthology, printed on off-set press. Edited by Everett Rand. Front and Back Cover by Robert Crumb. All for only $10 bucks!

This massive 60-page issue features the talents of R. Crumb, Sophie Crumb, Drew Friedman, Laure Boin, Bill Griffith, Christoph Mueller, Mary Fleener, Max Clotfelter, Robert Armstrong, Denis Kitchen, Rika Deryckere, Gioia Palmieri, Aleksandar Zograf, John Porcellino, and a GIANT Letters section, Mineshaft Index (#31-40) & More!!!

Mary Fleener provides a sad and touching tale entitled “Death of a Crow” that’ll make you question just how different we are from our fine feathered friends. Sophie Crumb contributes four interesting and slightly bizarre paintings. Christoph Mueller sings a familiar song that all cartoonists can relate to in “Ink Stains & Back Pains.” Then R. Crumb gives us a couple of his “Sketchbook Drawings,” and Laure Boin delights with a trio of highly detailed and gorgeous portraits. Max Clotfelter serves up a piece of personal history in the rawly rendered “The Elements of Rough,” and Denis Kitchen tucks us in with a dreamy one-pager! All this graphic goodness plus a bunch more makes Mineshaft No.40 just the prescription you need to get through these COVID times!

You can order this issue and back issues too at And you can write to Mineshaft at:


PMB #685

732 Ninth St.

Durham, North Carolina, 27705


Lights, Planets, People! by Molly Naylor and Lizzy Stewart

July 21, 2021 in Reviews

Lights, Planets, People! is a Hardcover, 120-page, full color comic written by Molly Naylor and illustrated by Lizzy Stewart. Published by Avery Hill Publishing. Coming out in September, available for pre-order now.

A bipolar astronomer seeks therapy to help her overcome anxiety. As she and her therapist talk the astronomer’s work, relationships, and mental health all come into view, painting a complex portrait of a woman striving to matter.

In Lights, Planets, People! story and art intertwine seamlessly as narrative, dialogue, and visuals all unfold to reveal an engaging and interesting tale of personal struggle, courage, and discovery. You can pre-order Lights, Planets, People! now at

So Buttons No.11 by Jonathan Baylis

July 21, 2021 in Reviews

So Buttons No.11 and is a 24-page, full color, digest size, autobiographical comic written by Jonathan Baylis and illustrated by November Garcia, A.T. Pratt, B. Mure, Garrett Gilchrist, Andy Rash, Phil Elliott, T.J. Kirsch, Fred Hembeck, Jeff Zapata (with Letters by Rick Parker and Colors by Adam Walmsley), Rick Parker, Maria and Peter Hoey, and Lucas Eisenberg-Baylis. Front Cover homage to Basil Wolverton by Jim Rugg and Back Cover by Miss Lasko Gross. Published by Tinto Press.

The pages of So Buttons No.11 are filled with personal stories about the life of writer Jonathan Baylis. Various artists take turns graphically telling Jonathan’s story, each bringing their own unique style to a variety of entertaining and intriguing events. The tales run the gamut of the joys of drinking whiskey to fulfilling a Make-A-Wish promise. Through all of the stories a sense of who Jonathan is comes across clearly building a complete picture of the man and offering a glimpse into his world. The altering art styles breakup the comic into distinctive pieces while at the same time maintaining a shared vision of storytelling.

The most touching piece for me was one involving actor John Cleese and a Make-A-Wish child. However, my favorite of the collection was one detailing Jonathan’s fandom and professional association with Topps Trading Cards. This piece spans Jonathan’s life from early childhood summers spent with his grandmother to his working adulthood years. I think I enjoyed this story most because of the breadth of the storytelling squeezed so elegantly into so few pages. Brilliantly done!

Every story in So Buttons No.11 is an interesting and entertaining read backed up with fun and well done art! You can join the fun and get your hands on So Buttons at and and find more at and and

The Tay Bridge Disaster by David Robertson

July 20, 2021 in Reviews

The Tay Bridge Disaster

is a 40-page, black and white, historical comic strips created by David Robertson. Published by Fred Egg Comics. £7.00 / On Sale.
David Robertson grew up hearing and reading stories about, and seeing memorials dedicated to, The Tay Bridge Disaster. This unfortunate event occurred in late 1879 and had an impact felt around the world. Accounts of the disaster made their way into the media including film, radio, literature, poetry and of course the news. Now David brings this tragic story to the comic book format in a series of comic strips that delve into the bridge’s construction, fears associated with its safety, the disaster, the fate of those involved with the bridge’s building, recovery efforts, re-building, and numerous other interesting details surrounding the event.

The Imagination Link No. 53 by Alan Sissom

July 20, 2021 in Reviews

The Imagination Link No. 53 is a 12-page, black and white with color covers, mini comic written and drawn by Alan Sissom. Published by Sissom Comics Group.

A former human, now alien robotic-probe, gets zapped while being sent to spy on earth and gains sentience! Now the self-aware “Link” devotes itself to protecting the planet from alien invaders…but what are the aliens planning?!

Alan explains this mini comic series is for fun and therefore a little on the rough side. I personally dig mini comics drawn with a less polished style. It gives the comic a more visceral feel that helps connect the reader with the artist and this feels like one of those fun comics!

You can hop on board The Imagination Link by contacting Alan at:
Alan Sissom
PO Box 842
Greenwood, IN 46142

After That! No. 62 by Micah Liesenfeld

July 20, 2021 in Reviews

After That! No. 62 is a 32-page, black and white (with color covers), mini-comic size, mini comix anthology. Edited and published by Micah Liesenfeld.

This issue of After That! features the prolific comic creator Delaine Derry Green! Micah gives us a marvelous mashup interview combining chats conducted with Delaine from M. Jacob Alvarez, and Micah himself. The dual interview reads seamlessly as the two interviewers get the inside info on Delaine’s long running series My Small Diary and Not My Small Diary. The trio discuss the challenges and rewards of editing, self-publishing, and comic creating in general. They also talk about Delaine’s early interest in comics, growing-up/living in the south, music, and painting! In addition to the interview this issue also includes several comic pages by Delaine and contributors to her comic, and unrelated art by M. Jacob Alvarez, Danny Houk, Mike Hill, Bob X, Adam Yeater, Peter Bangs, and Billy McKay!

After That! is a great publication serving the mini comics community! You can get your copy and get involved at

Queen of the House by Grant Thomas

July 10, 2021 in Reviews

Queen of the House is a 10-page, black and white, pocket-size, mostly silent mini comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

In this little mini comic Grant documents a day-in-the-life of a royal feline as she sleeps, watches fishes, calls for doors to open, and appreciates a full bowl of food! Each page is illustrated in a simple, consistent line weight that gives detail to the backgrounds and gravity to the foreground subjects, while purrfectly capturing the personality of the Queen of the House!

You can bow to the Queen of the House for just $1 at and find more from Grant Thomas at and get even more joining his Patreon account at

Glittering Prizes

May 31, 2021 in Reviews

Glittering Prizes is a 14-page, black and white, mini size, picture-storybook zine.

In the year of biddly-bop a well-dressed fellow encounters a pointy eared little person before undergoing a physical to enter a coffin!

The Bubblegum Dada Corporation always publishes stories unlike any other and Glittering Prizes is no exception. You can get your copy at:


The Bubblegum Dada Corporation

c/o 15 Dartington Walk






The Tay Bridge Disaster by David Robertson

April 28, 2021 in Reviews

The Tay Bridge Disaster

Writer and artist credits: David Robertson

Publisher: Fred Egg Comics, in Dundee, Scotland.

Format-book size: 16.84 x 26.01cm

Black and White / colour

page count: 40

cost: £7 + £2 p&p


Go to or

This is a collection of newspaper style strips regarding the fall of the Tay Bridge in 1879. I grew up in Dundee, and have always been fascinated by this event. The strips cover many aspects of the story, including the build up to the bridge’s completion, including fears expressed in the media regarding its safety, and accidents during the building. The first trains to cross the bridge, and the disaster itself in December 1879. The aftermath, including the effect on designer Thomas Bouch, the recovery of the 224 engine, and the decision to rebuild. The event’s depiction in the arts and media; Theodor Fontane and William McGonnagall’s poems, newspaper printing’s improvements effecting illustrations of the disaster, Walter Benjamin’s radio show, C.Horne’s ballad, and Hatter’s Castle, the novel and film which both depicted the disaster. Finally we see the names of the victims on the current day memorials.

40 pages, black and white.

Reviews of the most recent Fred Egg Comic:

Mount A Rescue is a bumper Summer Special packed full of exciting features from the Dundonian Harvey Pekar.” – Alister Black, Daredevils & Warriors

As always, very few people pack as much into a comic as David, with a variety of art styles, which will lead you to even more comics people that you like. Check Mount a Rescue out!” – Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

In Mount a Rescue, David’s most recent offering, his tradition of truly original storytelling continues!” – Warren Elliott, Almost Normal





Twitter: @fredeggcomics


Echoes of the Triumphant #0

March 7, 2021 in Reviews

Echoes of the Triumphant #0 is a 28-page, full color, futuristic Sci-Fi/Fantasy comic written and created by Pat Murphy, illustrated by Jarrod Bezzina, cover by Greg Woronchak, lettered by Michael McAdam, additional lettering by Zen, design/redux layout by Dominic Bercier, and edited by Alexi Kott. Published by Reverb Comics.

Just as an up and coming fighter gets his shot at grandeur, an accident changes everything. An explosion at a chemical plant kills thousands and mutates others. The mutated gain abilities that make them more desirable for certain jobs, while the non-mutated survivors are left to fill the more mundane jobs. The once champion fighter with a promising future now finds himself just another lackey in a suit with a low opinion of the mutated, but a chance encounter changes his view of things. Soon the fighter becomes a defender of the victimized, but then a mysterious figure takes notice!

You can follow Echoes of the Triumphant and learn more about what’s coming up at and find more at

Killer Hats by Grant Thomas

March 1, 2021 in Reviews

Killer Hats is a 16-page, black and white, micro mini comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

Grant has done it again, he’s gone and created a micro mini that’s entertaining and educational! In this little page flipper you’ll learn the interesting and tragic history of hats…Killer Hats that once featured fine feathered fowl! Grant lays out how birds were hunted for their feathers, and sometimes entire bodies, to decorate these hats of high fashion. The story continues to explain what measures were eventually taken to protect the prized wildlife from ending up on someone’s head, and the unfortunate consequences of enforcing those measures.

You can learn the history of these Killer Hats for yourself by getting the comic at and find more from Grant Thomas at and join his Patreon account at

After That! #61

After That! No. 61

February 20, 2021 in Reviews

After That! No. 61 is a 32-page, black and white (with color covers), mini-comic size, mini comix anthology. Edited and published by Micah Liesenfeld.

Micah Liesenfeld has done the mini comics community a great service. He has continued D. Blake Werts’ endeavor to deliver a print publication dedicated to providing coverage of the mini comic scene! Blake published an impressive 60 issues of Copy This!/Copy That! and Micah carries on the smallpress tradition with issue 61 of the newly named After That! Like its predecessor, After That! features a comprehensive interview with a mini comics personality, in this issue it’s the talented Chad Woody! In addition to chatting up Chad, Micah also includes a forward from D. Blake Werts, and more than 10 pages of art sent in from various mini comic creators!

After That! is a great publication serving the mini comic community! You can get your copy and get involved at

That Comic Smell

February 1, 2021 in Reviews

That Comic Smell is a 40-page, full color anthology comic created by Fernando Pons, David Robertson, Mike Sedakat, and Tom Stewart. Published by Fred Egg Comics.

David Robertson at Fred Egg Comics is one prolific comics creator! His publications span a wide range of topics and feature just as wide a range of art styles. In this newest publication David and fellow That Comic Smell podcast members combine their talents to serve up 40 pages of all sorts of stories! Among the tales are such things as an adventurous time traveler with an accidental assistant, a silent story about escaping automation, a Dr. Who and Winston Churchill team up, a sequential look at the That Comic Smell podcast, a man that shoots for the stars, birds discussing political correctness, an anti-bullying bean, an evolutionary look at life, a take on the Greek myth of Aquila, and a Q and A with the folks that put this comic together.

Each story is unique, imaginative, and illustrated in a verity of styles! That Comic Smell is unlike anything you’re likely to find in the mainstream. This is pure indie goodness at its most creative! Get your copy and take a big whiff of That Comic Smell!

You can find That Comic Smell at and get the latest news at and and and and tune in with the whole That Comic Smell crew podcast at

After Hours He-Man Antics and Spaces by Michael Neno

January 30, 2021 in Reviews

It’s Mini-Comic Monday with two Micro-Minis from Michael Neno! Here’s a look at After Hours He-Man Antics and Spaces Each is a full-color, micro-mini, featuring 24 pages and 20 pages respectfully, of creative storytelling from Michael Neno with art from Matt Baker, AL Camy, John Celardo, Sid Check, Joe Orlando, Lionel N. March, Lew Segron, and Bernie Wiest.

Using remixed public domain graphics, Michael tells two very different stories. In After Hours He-Man Antics we’re thrown into a war zone where soldiers’ blow-up crocodiles, air drop alligators, fight felines, bomb jaywalkers, and defend against jerky devouring dogs!

Then, in the silent comic Spaces, a breakfast cereal bee helps a prisoner escape via the power of sugary goodness! Their flight to freedom takes them across an ancient Roman aqueduct and into the face of a giant flower all while being pursued by angry guards and a fighter aircraft!

Action, adventure, and absolute amazingness await in the micro-minis from Michael Neno, and you can get them at!!!

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