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Review: Doppelganger #1 of 4 by Jordan Hart and Emmanuel Xerx Javier

November 27, 2017 in Reviews

Doppelganger #1 of 4

Doppelganger #1 of 4 is a 24-page, full color, horror-suspense comic created, written, and colored by Jordan Hart with pencils and inks by Emmanuel Xerx Javier. Published by Alterna Comics.

A middle-aged family man in a monotonous job with an irritating boss is involved in a car accident. He walks away with a mild concussion, but things only get worse. While trying to clear the cobwebs from his head he returns home only to find a much unexpected guest waiting for his return!

This is an original story that can go in so many directions it’s impossible to predict. The build-up unfolds smoothly in a believable way that provides no indication of where the story is going. The dialogue between the characters flows naturally and is just as relatable as the home and work environments are. The artwork does a magnificent job of portraying the story in a realistic setting complete with convincing background details and individual body types for the characters. Combined, the story and art make Doppelganger a uniquely entertaining comic that grabs the reader’s imagination and doesn’t let go!

You can find Doppelganger at or at and find more from Alterna Comics at

Amazing Age #4 of 5 by Matthew D. Smith, Jeremy Massie, and Christine Brunson

November 22, 2017 in Reviews

Amazing Age #4

Amazing Age #4 of 5 is a 28-page, full color, all-ages, superhero action, comic written by Matthew D. Smith, with art by Jeremy Massie, and colors by Christine Brunson. Published by Alterna Comics.

The kids find themselves in a tight spot when most of the members of S.A.V.E. are called away to respond to an emergency! With only two seasoned heroes to protect them, can the interdimensional traveling kids remain safe from a group of super villains that want to kill them and take control of their interdimensional jumping machine?! Treachery and traps await in the pages of Amazing Age #4!

The writing continues the dynamic action from previous issues as the villainous plot is revealed and the unlikely group of teenage heroes are forced to act. The characters are fleshed out more and more as the story progresses, building tension between friends and foes alike while scratching away at the façades to reveal what truly motivates each. The art continues to nicely blend realism with cartoonish fun, giving Amazing Age a very appealing Silver Age look!

Experience the Amazing Age for yourself at and follow them on Twitter at @amazingagecomic and on FB at and find more from Alterna Comics at

Ask a Cat Digest #4 by Charles Brubaker

November 20, 2017 in Reviews

Ask a Cat #4

Ask a Cat Digest #4 is a 12-page, digest size, B&W, all-ages, humor comic written and illustrated by Charles Brubaker and published by Smallbug Press.

Charles Brubaker collects an assortment of Ask a Cat cartoons in this fourth issue of toons about a confessional cat. The forthcoming feline answers readers’ questions about snakes, coupons, blackouts, opening a cat café, and why Cat doesn’t use a laptop! In addition to these topics other subjects are also addressed as Charles pens his comical cat in hilariously absurd situations designed to delight!

You can Ask a Cat yourself at and even Ask a Cat via e-mail at and find more from Charles Brubaker at and and

Review: Mörf by Billy McKay and various artists

November 17, 2017 in Reviews

MorfMorf art Morf art Morf art Morf art

Mörf is a 28-page, full color, digest size, exquisite corpse style continuous story illustrated by 25 artists. Created, written, and edited by Billy McKay.

This creative comic is the brainchild of Billy McKay. Billy’s vision was to bring 25 artists together and share a single image of his character Mörf with them, one artist at a time. The first artist was to draw their version of the character, changing as the liked, based only on a single image provided to them by Billy. The second artist then received the first artist’s drawing and repeated the process, and the third artist received the second’s and so on, and so on until all 25 artists had drawn and changed Mörf. After all the drawings were done Billy collected them, colored them, and wrote a continuous poetic story that stretched across all versions of Mörf and tied each image into the next! What an impressive undertaking, and what a visually stunning and delightful book!

The talented artists featured in Mörf are: Billy McKay, Marc Palm, Max Clotfelter, Jeff Heidel, Dale Martin, Ryan Holgersen, Micah Liesenfeld, Chad Woody, Henry Knoth, Warren Elliott (that’s me!), Jimbo Easter, Nate McDonough, Andrew Goldfarb, Adam Yeater, Jesse Thomas, O’Ryan McGowan, Joseph Tenney, Pam Bliss, Suzanne Baumann, Carrie McNinch, Jason Young, Bruce Orr, Bob Corby, Tom Cherry, and Bob Vojtko!

You can get your hands on the crazy, colorful comic that is Mörf at

Review: Voodoo Curse #1 by Kim Roberts, Reinaldo Lay, and Chris Allen

November 15, 2017 in Reviews

Voodoo Curse

Voodoo Curse #1 is a 28-page, full-color, mature, horror-crime comic created and written by Kim Roberts, with art by Reinaldo Lay, and colors and letters by Chris Allen. Published by Swamp Line Comics.

A criminal looking to make one last heist gets betrayed and finds himself dead in a body bag. From that unfortunate position he tells the story of how he got there and what his widowed wife along with two accomplices are prepared to do to bring him back! What ensues is a gory collection of voodoo spells, dismembered bodies, and devious plots!

Swamp Line Comics once again proves to be the place to find original stories in comics! Kim, Reinaldo, and Chris infuse elements of voodoo, horror, and crime into a vibrantly illustrated and colored brutal tale that nicely continues the chilling tradition of horror comics for grown-ups! Everything from the premise of Voodoo Curse to the execution of the art chores deliver in this pleasing page turner that will leave you wanting more!

You can get the Voodoo Curse cast on you at and find more at and and

Review: Copy This! #44 by D. Blake Werts

November 13, 2017 in Reviews

Copy This! #44

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Copy This! #44. This issue is a 44-page, B&W info/news mini comic zine published by D. Blake Werts. Cover by Brad W. Foster, also includes an 8-page minicomic by Brad W. Foster!

In issue #44 of Copy This! D. Blake Werts sits down for a chat with Brad W. Foster. The two talk about Brad’s early life growing up in, and working in, Texas. Brad talks about the difficulty of finding work as an artist at the ad agencies, then going the freelance route with the aid of bookstores and their many, many magazines! Brad continues to open up as Blake inquires about his entrance into comics, college, and working after college. Brad goes on to reveal how he got into minicomics, and exactly how many pieces of his artwork have been printed in some form or another, and it’s a lot! Brad wraps things up with some insightful words about his preferred tools of the trade and inspirations!

In the community news and info section this time around we learn of offerings from the following: Aaron Poliwoda (What If Other Disabilities Were Treated Like Autism?); Artie Romero (Artie Stick); Charles Brubaker (Fuzzy Princess); Ian Shires (Time Trvlr); Joseph Tenney (Halloween Havoc); and Matt Feazell (Cynicalman).

Also, Blake is planning an all new, ALL ART issue for January 2018! If you want to be included you need to send Blake your doodles by December 31st, and remember to keep it PG-13!

To get your hands on Copy This! and for more info contact:

D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277
or email Blake at: bwerts (at) vnet (dot) net

Review: It’s Cold in the River at Night by Alex Potts

November 8, 2017 in Reviews

It's Cold in the River at Night

It’s Cold in the River at Night by Alex Potts, 112 pages (digital version), full color. Published by Avery Hill.

Carl and Rita rent a river house on stilts in a remote area of Western Europe. As the river rises below and dark clouds form above them, they struggle with their individual pursuits and relationship. Rita embraces the isolation as a welcoming atmosphere that will allow her to complete her thesis. Carl becomes irritated by boredom and seeks out meaningful experiences to fill his time and define who he is. Along the way each must contend with others that enter their lives and with their often blurred intentions.

Alex Potts spins an intriguing tale about self-discovery and relationships set against the harsh backdrop of nature. The writing convincingly explores a troubled relationship, giving believable voices to unique characters. The art broadens the characters’ personalities through strong facial expressions and body language. The colors used throughout It’s Cold in the River at Night also contribute to the cold and bleak backdrop the weather and environment play in the story.

You can find It’s Cold in the River at Night at and see more from Alex Potts at and more from Avery Hill Publishing at

Review: WAG RAG #2 by Hal Mundane, Andy Nukes, Caesar Meadows, Billy McKay, and Roger Langridge

November 6, 2017 in Reviews

Wag Rag #2

Wag Rag #2 is an 8-page, B&W, minicomics anthology featuring works by Hal Mundane, Andy Nukes, Caesar Meadows, Billy McKay, and Roger Langridge. Published by Rick Bradford and the Poopsheet Foundation.

The silly business continues as the Wag Rag crew churn out another issue of this madcap mini! In this installment of Wag Rag we get tiny people, a dripping nostril, a robot, a lagoon creature, a clown, a disembodied head, and a chicken! What more can you ask for?!

You can get Wag Rag #2 and many other minicomics at and support the Poopsheet at and find more at and

Review: Soulless #1 by Kim Roberts, Chris Royal, James Johnson, Chunlin Zhao, and Ken Reynolds

November 3, 2017 in Reviews

Soulless #1

Soulless #1 is a 32-page, full color, mature, supernatural horror comic created and written by Kim Roberts, penciled by Chris Royal, inked by James Johnson, colored by Chunlin Zhao, and lettered by Ken Reynolds. Published by Swamp Line Comics.

A holy man turned demon hunter assisted by a spell casting sidekick set off on a journey through the desolate southwest in search of soul collectors! Their quest puts them on the trail of a traveling carnival full of demons and evil clowns turning sleepy towns into ghost towns in preparation to unleash a larger evil!

The premise behind Soulless is a unique take on the creepiness that surrounds traveling carnivals and the eerie things they leave in their wake! The story is told from the perspective of the main character and we discover the unfolding supernatural events as he and his assistant seek them out. The writing is fresh and opens the door to a new side of horror that is rarely explored. The art is clean and polished. The line work, colors, shadowing, composition, and lettering all combine to make Soulless #1 a visually dynamic and pleasing comic!

You can get your ticket to the carnival at and find even more from Swamp Line Comics at

Review: Poopsheet? with art by Andy Nukes

October 30, 2017 in Reviews


Poopsheet? is an 8-page, B&W, minicomics review zine with front and back covers by Andy Nukes and edited and published by Rick Bradford and the Poopsheet Foundation.

With Poopsheet? Ricko makes his long awaited return to the print news, reviews, and whatnot zine scene! In this issue Ricko gives us the scoop on George Wylesol’s “House,” Charlie Haggard’s anthology “Bearqueft Comix #2,” Liz Nugent’s “Aga,” Bodie’s “Mushrump,” Theo Ellsworth’s “Thrill Mouth,” Thu Tran’s “Dust Pam,” Patrick Kyle’s “Everywhere Disappeared,” and J.T. Yost/Birdcage Bottom Books’ “Bottoms Up!”

Lots of mini comic goodies to choose from! You can get Poopsheet? and many other minicomics at and support the Poopsheet at and find more at and

Review: The Wicked Righteous by Terry Mayo, Lucas Romero, Christopher Hall, and Brandon DeStefano

October 26, 2017 in Reviews

The Wicked Righteous

The Wicked Righteous #2 of 6 is a 32-page, full color, action/adventure post-apocalyptic, mature comic. Created and written by Terry Mayo, with pencils and ink by Lucas Romero, colors by Christopher Hall, and lettering by Brandon DeStefano. Published by Alterna Comics. Printed on newsprint. Perfect for fans of Stranger Things and Mad Max.

Lucas and his group find themselves cornered by the deadly Horsemen and are forced to put their trust in the mysterious Cross if they hope to make it out of the wastelands of San Diego alive! Meanwhile, uncle Abe is grievously injured and the recently rescued girl “JC” seems to have some mystery about her as well!

The strong biblical references in this story are hard to miss, but it is written so smartly that it’s equally hard to guess just where it’s leading. The storytelling is engaging and moves at a quick pace. The characters continue to be more fleshed out as their personalities continue to be revealed through various situations and interactions. The page compositions, artwork, colors, and lettering all combine to give The Wicked and the Righteous a clean, polished look that’s sure to please!

Join The Wicked Righteous at and find more from Alterna Comics at

Review: Mother Russia #3 of 3 by Jeff McComsey

October 25, 2017 in Reviews

Mother Russia #3 of 3 is a 36-page B&W, action-horror comic written and illustrated by Jeff McComsey. Published by Alterna Comics and FUBAR Press.

The unlikely duo of a female Russian sniper caring for an orphaned toddler, and a German Army Officer along with his dog, work together to cross a war torn landscape infested with zombies! The two former enemies must trust and rely on each other to evade the undead and make their way to safety. But, in their last dash to escape death, not all goes as planned as the limited Mother Russia series comes to a dramatic end!

Jeff McComsey concludes his WWII wartime zombie saga with an action packed issue! The writing and art once again cast a captivating spell that draws the reader in and thoroughly entertains! This entire three-issue series has proven to be an original, well written, and expertly rendered story! Jeff’s focus on the humans, their individual struggles, and the dire situation that requires them to work together really makes Mother Russia a gripping tale that’s enjoyable from beginning to end!

You can run with the zombies with Mother Russia at and

Review: Meeting Notes by Steve Willis

October 23, 2017 in Reviews

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is an 8-page, B&W, minicomic featuring sketches by Steve Willis. Published by Rick Bradford and the Poopsheet Foundation.

According to the redacted text in this mini, the featured sketches were all done during meetings in which Steve wasn’t fully attentive! All the better for us! Steve “Morty the Dog” Willis serves up some funny, interesting, and downright strange doodles in Meeting Notes!

You can get Meeting Notes and many other minicomics at and support the Poopsheet at and find more at and

Review: WAG RAG #1 by Jim Siergey, Brian Horst, Roger Langridge, Billy McKay, and Caesar Meadows

October 21, 2017 in Reviews

Wag Rag

Wag Rag #1 is an 8-page, B&W, minicomics anthology featuring works by Jim Siergey, Brian Horst, Roger Langridge, Billy McKay, and Caesar Meadows. Published by Rick Bradford and the Poopsheet Foundation.

This mini packs a lot of fun into eight pages! The lineup of artists alone is enough to make most fans of mini comics stop and take notice, but once you get a gander of the clean, polished art inside, you’re hooked!

You can get Wag Rag and many other minicomics at and support the Poopsheet at and find more at and

Review: Scrimshaw #3 by Eric Borden, Dave Mims, and Spike O’Laochdha

October 20, 2017 in Reviews

Scrimshaw #3 is a 32-page, full color, action adventure comic created and written by Eric Borden, with art and colors by Dave Mims, and lettering by Spike O’Laochdha. Published by Alterna Comics & printed on newsprint.

Cornered in a dangerous Chinatown alley, Taipuitea is forced to unleash one of the most brutal beatdowns in all of comics! With assassins at every turn, can the crew of the Runaway Horse get out in one piece?

Distinctive line work with sharp edges gives this comic a unique look that pulls the eye in and invites the reader to scrutinize every panel in detail! The continuous line is used with great effect to give each character an individual appearance and pack subtle detail into backgrounds and settings. The skillful use of color, light, and shadow all enhance the aesthetic appeal of Scrimshaw by giving the comic a warm and inviting feel that holds the reader’s attention from beginning to end!

You can indulge in the action packed, visually stunning adventure of Scrimshaw at and find more from Alterna Comics at

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