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So Buttons No. 12 by Jonathan Baylis

November 29, 2022 in Reviews

So Buttons No.12 is a 28-page, full color, digest size, autobiographical comic written by Jonathan Baylis and illustrated by Josh Bayer, Kevin Colden, TJ Kirsch, Miss Lasko-Gross, Rachelle Meyer, Ben Passmore, Josh Pettinger, Carol Tyler, Noah Van Sciver, Lance Ward, Tony Wolf, J.T. Yost, Lucas Eisenberg-Baylis, and Devy Goldstein. Cover by Jesse Lonergan. Published by Alchemy Comix.

In spite of never being nominated for an Eisner, and never sporting a curly-que mustache, Jonathan Baylis does lead an interesting life and through the pages of “So Buttons” he (with a little help from friends) tells the tales of his adventures! In this issue of his autobiographic comic series Jonathan delivers the details on meeting Ethan Hawke, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ian MacKaye, and Chris Claremont! But wait, that’s not all, Jonathan also ruminates on sharing the same birthday as Kerry Washington, Johnny Rotten, and Grant Morrison…okay, that doesn’t really qualify as adventurous, but Jonathan’s six-year old son did discover the word “shit” in the pages of So Buttons! Believe me (speaking as a family man that draws cartoons for HUSTLER), when your kids discover your work it can lead to some hilariously uncomfortable adventures in family conversations!

Each story Jonathan shares in So Buttons is uniquely illustrated by a different artist that brings their individual style to the pages. The result is a collection of entertaining stories backed up by a diverse group of talented artists with their own distinctive approach to graphic storytelling!

You can experience a slice of Jonathan Baylis’ life in the pages of So Buttons at and find more at and and 

Top Secret Intergalactic Rescue Mission by Michael Neno

November 8, 2022 in Reviews

Top Secret Intergalactic Rescue Mission Is a 24-page, full color, micro mini created by Michael Neno and featuring public domain images by Bernie Krigstein.

A group of Intergalactic Commandos take their Risk board game very serious and have no patience for interruptive Top Secret Rescue Missions! What’s a dedicated assembly of Risk players to do! And, they also have to contend with a boss man that wants to interject his own views on the rules of the game! AAARRRGG! Let the gamers play by the rules THEY agree on! And if nukes are allowed, then yes, you can block expansion from South America by nuking Central America!!!

Ahem, sorry, having flash backs of Risk games past. Anyway, you can roll the dice and make your move with the Top Secret Intergalactic Rescue Mission for just $4 ppd, or get two for $7 ppd, or three for $9 ppd! PayPal to mneno@columbus(dot)rr(dot)com


Send cash or check to:

M.R. Neno Productions

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Percy the Peeper

November 8, 2022 in Reviews

Percy the Peeper is an 18-page, mini-sized, Black and White, illustrated literary zine published by The Bubblegum Dada Corporation.

This installment from The Bubblegum Dada Corporation features a peppy poem about one man’s fancy to ogle the ladies. In his quest to satisfy his roving eye, the man is offered a means by which to satiate his craving, but he gets more than the eyeful he was hoping for! You can peel your eyes on Percy the Peeper by writing to:

The Bubblegum Dada Corporation

c/o 15 Dartington Walk






Those Who Seek by Michael Kraiger

May 11, 2022 in Reviews

Those Who Seek is an 8-page, black and white mini comic printed on purple paper and written and illustrated by Michael Kraiger. Published by Rotted Brain Press. $2

The search for self-fulfillment takes shape in the pages of this mini! Philosophical ponderings, mysteries, forbidden knowledge, drug induced visions, cosmic horrors, sadomasochism, spiritual contentment, love, and more! Your doorway to enlightenment awaits in these eight pages of profoundness! And, it’s all brought to you by Michael Kraiger, an instructor at The Kubert School. Michael says he’s doing his part keeping mini-comics alive by giving his students assignments to create them. Bravo to you Mr. Kraiger! This particular mini is Michael’s own creation and it has all the answers!

Get your answers by sending two bucks to:

Michael Kraiger

51 Berry St.


Dover, NJ 07801

Harold th’ Armadillo No.s 1-8 by Buzz Buzzizyk.

April 17, 2022 in Reviews

Harold th’ Armadillo No.s 1-8 are 4-page, digest size, black and white, mini comics created by Buzz Buzzizyk.

This mini comic series follows the misadventures of the title character, Harold th’ Armadillo! Poor Harold really gets into some sticky situations. First there’s an existential crisis, then public humiliation, followed by leprosy, getting high on worms, the media, liberals, death, rock stardom, and drug induced gigantisms! In between these nifty tales Harold also educates the readers on little known facts about armadillos and other stuff! Fun comics! Fun facts! And more armadilloness than you’re likely to find anywhere else!

To get your hands on Harold th’ Armadillo write to Buzz (and send a few bucks) at:

Buzz Buzzizyk

5549 Bountiful Dr.

Sarasota, FL 34233

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Reptilicon Attacks! by Michael Neno

March 30, 2022 in Reviews

Reptilicon Attacks! Is a 24-page, full color, micro mini created by Michael Neno and featuring public domain images by Vince Alascia, Frank Bolle, Steve Ditko, Bill Molno, and Norman Nodel. Ahh, this must be the “Fake News” edition of Mr. Neno’s Micro Minis. For you see, nothing actually happens in this issue. Nope, not a thing. Sure, some folks yell and scream that they’re being attacked by some sort of giant “Reptilicon,” but we all know there’s no such thing. Why just listen to the intelligent man on the street, or the smartly dressed mother. Even the dutiful soldiers agree that nothing happened in this issue…and they’re plenty relieved it’s over!

See for yourself what big things get dismissed in Reptilicon Attacks! for just $4 ppd, or get two for $7 ppd, or three for $9 ppd! PayPal to mneno@columbus(dot)rr(dot)com


Send cash or check to:

M.R. Neno Productions

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Farmers vs. Astronauts, Dance Crazy, & Time’s Up by Michael Neno

February 16, 2022 in Reviews

Micro Minis from Michael Neno!

Farmers vs. Astronauts is a 20-page, full color, micro mini created by Michael Neno and featuring images by Murphy Anderson, Ross Andru, John Celardo, Ed Dodd, Mike Esposito, Ralph Mayo, Mike Peppe, Art Saaf, and Alex Toth. In this mashup Michael brings the unlikely worlds of Farmers and Astronauts together in a comically conjoined cluster of spacemen, alien creatures, barnyard animals, and checker playing locals!

Dance Crazy is a 20-page, full color, micro mini created by Michael Neno and featuring images by Ruth Atkinson, Frank Beck, Bob Fujitani, Fred Guardineer, Jack Kamen, Gil Kane, Mike Roy, Ernie Schroeder, Al Thompson, and Bernie Weiest. This wacky dance is set to a somewhat modified version of a do-si-do square dance and contains such scenes as a woman rotating a bunny with her feet, a charging pig, and snuggling up to a Bug Man!

Time’s Up is a 20-page, full color, micro mini created by Michael Neno and featuring images by John Belfi, L.B. Cole, John Forte, and Al Hartley. This is a strange one. The images look like they all came from romance comics, but the story Michael tells seems to be about a man growing old and losing his memory until…Time’s Up!

Big fun awaits in these little comics and you get for just $4 ppd each, or two for $7 ppd, or all three for $9 ppd! PayPal to mneno@columbus(dot)rr(dot)com


Send cash or check to:

M.R. Neno Productions

PO Box 307675

Gahanna, OH 43230

Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For! by Luanga Nuwame

February 11, 2022 in Reviews

Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For! is a 57-page, 8.5 x 0.14 x 8.5 inches, horror comic written by Luanga A. Nuwame, illustrated by Christina Deljanov, and edited by Matthew Varallo. Published by Zelpha Comics and Collectibles.

This is a strange and gruesome story about a killer cereal turned serial killer! Unbeknownst to the public at large, a malevolent creature lurking somewhere between reality and fantasy, has tapped into the minds of our children! This evil being has not only endeared itself to the young but also conspired with the corporate world to further its reach into our very grocery stores! Now, with its brightly colored packaging and child-like innocence, this beast has won its way into countless homes and hearts…only to possess the children and eat the parents! I got to give it to Lu, this dude can come up with the most uniquely twisted stories!

Dalf-Lo is a brutal comic that opens the door to a hidden world of horrors disguised as cheerful treats. The method Lu takes at spinning this yarn is somewhat unique in itself. Rather than lay this out like a traditional comic, Lu has created more of a storybook. One page contains sequential images with some dialogue, while the accompanying page is a complete narrative account from the main character’s perspective. I really like the inventiveness shown in the storytelling. I also really like the overall story and the art that supports it! Luanga explains up front how this story formed and that’s always interesting to learn, but I’m more intrigued now to know where is it going?!

You can have a helping of Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For! at and find more at  and

The Domesticated Afterlife by Scott David Finch

January 3, 2022 in Reviews

The Domesticated Afterlife is a 6 x 9, 285-page, black and white (really grayscale), fantasy graphic novel written and illustrated by Scott David Finch. Published by Antenna Press.

This is my first comic review of 2022 and it’s a whopper! I used my holiday break to dive into this nearly 300 page graphic novel and what a perfect read it was for the occasion! While the family was out skiing and snowboarding, I was cozy inside watching the snow fall in northern Arizona and losing myself in this fascinating tale!

In a world where humans no longer rule, canines, felines, and chickens represent the new social order in a consumer based society. The story begins with two creatures pondering about the ease and luxurious promises of domesticated life while one creature frees the other from a catch. The catch the creature is being freed from is an anchor, and with its freedom the ensnared creature promises to take the other animal inside the fence where rewards of domestication reside. After a short transition we join two canines now on the other side of the fence and trying to adapt to domestication. The two labor under the supervision of cats, who themselves are directed by chickens in a glutinous life of consumerism where constructs of artificial happiness are ever present. As the canines experience loss of meaning and purpose, the ruling chicken class grow increasingly dissatisfied with commercial offerings and always want for something new and different. No longer able or encouraged to identify with their primal urges, the main canine character becomes plagued by a subconscious realization that can only laugh at the absurdity of the situation.

The majority of the story takes place onboard a magical ship moored in a consumer’s reality where everything is motivated by want, but the ship is capable of transporting the story’s characters to a better place! The art is intentionally rendered in a cartoonish style with the occasional panel featuring realistic depictions of animals and nature to emphasize arcs within the story. The entire saga is a magical journey that spans the breadth between life and death, and provides a glimpse at what it could all mean. This is a great fantasy read with a moral at its core!
You can explore The Domesticated Afterlife at and find more at @thedomesticatedafterlife (Instagram)

Shred or Dead by D. Bradford Gambles

December 5, 2021 in Reviews

Shred or Dead issues #s 1,2, and 3 are black and white, with multi-color risograph covers, digest size (24-pages issue #1, 36-pages issue #2, and 28-pages issue #3), all ages comics created by D. Bradford Gambles. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books. Plus, issues come with Stickers!

In this trilogy of tales a group of misfit skater kids form a crew in an attempt to “level up” and re-take their recently lost territory. As the crew endeavor to find ways to reclaim what was theirs, they find themselves in weird and wacky situations that playout through each issue. In issue one the crew forms and must out maneuver a persistent law man! In issue two the crew must cross “The Circus of Death” in order to find a fabled skater that can help them take back their territory! Then, in issue three, the crew encounter the darker side of the skater community when they wander into a spooky underground!

All three issues approach the skater culture with tongue firmly planted in cheek! The stories are well written, fun, and ridiculously absurd! The art is bold, polished, and full of dynamic action! The overall page designs perfectly match the story pacing and carries the art’s dynamism from panel to panel and issue to issue!

Shred or Dead is an expertly written and illustrated comic series packed with fun and suitable for all ages! You can jump on the board at and find more at and

Methods of Dyeing by B. Mure, Published by Avery Hill Publishing

December 1, 2021 in Reviews

Methods of Dyeing is a 92-page, full color, perfect bound, mystery comic written and illustrated by B. Mure. Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

More continues to expand the Ismyre universe in this newest edition to the fantastical series! A prominent visiting professor turns up dead on the grounds of a university, but was it just an accident or…murder?! An investigative rodent and a custodial amphibian set out to find the answers while the university’s dean and the local Chief of Police appear to stand in opposition to their efforts!

Mure uses a combination of pen and ink and watercolor washes to illustrate this colorful tale of “Who Done It?” The story is well paced and delivers the somewhat dark subject matter in a lighthearted, almost whimsical manner thanks to the art.

You can visit B. Mure’s magical world and discover Methods of Dyeing at and find more from Avery Hill Publishing at

Building 11 by Ronald Hicks

November 24, 2021 in Reviews

Building 11 is a 12-page, full color, digest size, silent comic zine created by Ronald Hicks.

Silent comics can sometimes be hard to interpret, but I’m going to give it a shot. Building 11 opens with scenes of smoke rising from both a rural house and a factory. Above it all an alien spaceship looks down. As the seas become polluted and humans blindly follow whatever instructions they are given, the real culprit behind industrial pollution and the downfall of humanity is revealed!

Ron does a great job establishing the setting and mood of the story. His illustrations lead the visual reader through a progression of worsening situations to a climatic end that also serves as a wake-up call to all of us! You can contact Ronald Hicks about Building 11 at

Booze Ha Ha by David Robertson

November 21, 2021 in Reviews

Booze Ha Ha is a 56-page, full color, anthology with stories by David Robertson, Ethan Robertson, and Miles Robertson and illustrations by David Robertson, Clio D, Abi Wye, Pam Wye, Ali Hodgson, Asuna Ikeshima, Cherish York, Emma Oosterhouse, Francesca Mancuso, Marc KC, Mike Sedakat, Neil Paterson, Norrie Millar, Rebecca Horner, Tim Kelly, and Zu Dominiak. Published by Fred Egg Comics. £5.00 / On Sale.

In the pages of Booze Ha Ha David Robertson and company treat readers to a plethora of stories ranging from a look at an explosive scene from Return of the Jedi, to a true-life piece on David Prowse, and a bunch of other subjects including politics, climate, lockdown, the aging of Indiana Jones, and lots more! Booze Ha Ha is full of entertaining tales backed up with a pleasing assortment of art styles, all waiting for you at: and find more from David Robertson and Fred Egg Comics at and and and

Sunder Citadel by Grant Thomas

November 20, 2021 in Reviews

Sunder Citadel is a 6-page, black and white, pocket-size, silent, pop-up mini comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

Here’s a nifty mini comic, and it’s a Pop-Up! In Sunder Citadel Grant Thomas delivers a very ingenious pop-up mini constructed from what appears to be a single sheet of paper. The design allows the reader (viewer?) to gaze into various chambers and find all sorts of characters lurking about! Truly a brilliant method of storytelling masterfully done by a master of the mini comic!

You can visit Sunder Citadel for just $3 at and find more from Grant Thomas at and get even more joining his Patreon account at

Liberty Rose

September 17, 2021 in Reviews

Liberty Rose is an 18-page, mini-sized, Black and White, illustrated literary zine published by The Bubblegum Dada Corporation.

Liberty Rose recalls memories of a rebellious woman suspected of casting curses on the locals that dared to cross her. She was thought to have been taken away by a secret sect and been related to a bizarre aristocrat that practiced a weird form of cerebral inflation! Learn more about Liberty Rose by writing to:

The Bubblegum Dada Corporation

c/o 15 Dartington Walk






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