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In the mailbox: FANDOM TEAM-UP #2 anniversary edition

August 9, 2020 in News

Fandom Team-Up was a 1980s small press series originally begun by Tim Corrigan and continued by Pseudo Comics and Rock Bottom Comics with this second issue combo of Jeffrey H. Wood’s SnowBuni and Larry Blake’s Nightstar (then called Nightshade).

Written and drawn by the creators, this 2020 edition celebrates the 34th anniversary of its publication and has new commentary on each page by Wood. It’s quite a blast from the past and should be of interest to anybody interested in mini-comics history (or fun superhero-style action).

In addition to the team-up, there are also a couple of shorter solo stories with Blake on SnowBuni and Wood on Nightshade. Plus, brief appearances by Mightyguy (by Tim Corrigan) and Ultra Klutz (by Jeff Nicholson).

Email Jeffrey H. Wood for ordering info!

In the mailbox: SNOWBUNI SAMPLE BOOK 2020 from Jeffrey H. Wood

August 6, 2020 in News

Jeffrey H. Wood’s anthropomorphic action character, SnowBuni, has been around since the ’80s and is still kicking! This is a nice collection of SnowBuni comics and art by Wood, Ben Dunn, Jason Waltrip, 14-bis, Jay Fosgitt, Alesia Gitter, Shane Campos, Resa Challender, William Earl Haskell and Katie Williamson.

Black & white guts with a few pages in color. Recommended for fans of funny bunnies.

Email Jeffrey H. Wood for ordering info!

In the mailbox: VAMPIRES by Floyd Lewis

August 2, 2020 in News

A new microcomic by Floyd Lewis, this one’s a quick Dartgirl story (in which she encounters, you guessed it, vampires!) done in Floyd’s computer-aided fumetti style.


In the mailbox: new collage zines from Marc Myers

July 31, 2020 in News

Two new zines from Marc Myers: Elephant Vol. 2, #4 and Mulmig #3. These are great, old-school, cut-and-paste collage thangs with a smidgen of comix content. Dadaesque and art brut-ish too.

Marc’s collage work always reminds me of similar work by Michael Roden and Jim Ryan, which is not fair to Marc as the work stands on its own. But, as a point of reference, if you like the work of those other guys then you’re going to dig this as well.

Send something to:

Marc Myers
1303 Idylwild Dr.
Lincoln, NE
68503 USA

And learn about more of Marc’s publishing history at the Comic Zine Database.


In the mailbox: a couple of Alan Sissom zines from 2018

July 24, 2020 in News

Alan Sissom has been busy publishing zines and such and this is a pair of older (relatively speaking) issues from 2018. Hmph! #1 is an all-Larry issue that collects gag cartoons by Larry Tisch and the team of Larry Johnson & Larry Blake. Sizzo-Links #20 (formerly Southern Links) presents a nice history of his publications since 1984 and includes cover repros of all issues (as far as I can tell). More self-publishers should do this!

In the mailbox: YOU DON’T GET THERE FROM HERE by Carrie McNinch

July 23, 2020 in News

Now this is one long-running mini-comic! Every issue is packed with diary comics by Carrie McNinch and it’s up to #54. At least! Seems like there’s a new issue every time I turn around. It’s a great series and I recommend it.

Drop Carrie a line to see about getting some for yourself.

Carrie McNinch
PO Box 34091
Granada Hills, CA
91394 USA

Canadian minicomix history article on FreeKluck

July 13, 2020 in News

Brian Campbell has written a fantastic article on the work of Canadian comix art collective FreeKluck (1981-1983 and beyond) members Frank McTruck, Bobby Stahr, Basil Hatte, Roldo Odlor and Jack D. Zastre.

Be sure to also check the Comic Book Daily archive of his “Forgotten Silver” columns for more on FreeKluck, Chester Brown, Sheridan College cartoonists, Jacques Boivin, Brain Sugar and more.

[Image courtesy Brian Campbell]

New CODYZINE digital magazine from Mike Cody

July 9, 2020 in News

Mike Cody has released the ninth issue of his digital art magazine, Codyzine. This one’s got an article on the “Uncanny Valley” in art, plus top-shelf artwork by Hannibal Ibarra, Trina Echidna, Redmer Hoekstra, Sean “MunkyWrench” Eddingfield, Guido Rosas, and publisher Mike Cody himself (see above).

Contact Mike to get it!

In the mailbox: Tetragrammaton Fragments #256

July 1, 2020 in News

Tetragrammaton Fragments is the clubzine/newsletter of the United Fanzine Organization, a long-running small press co-op. It offers some good insight into the group with member columns, club business, reviews of member publications and more. This issue’s got columns by chairman Steve Keeter, Roger Keel, Verl Holt Bond, Steve Shipley, Jason Bullock, Rob Imes, Michael Waggoner, Rob Cooley, Tim Kelly, and Larry Johnson. Also, art and comics by Cooley, Shipley, Alan Sissom and Charles T. Smith.

If you’re interested in joining, ordering or subscribing:

Steve Keeter
6825 Tanglewood Bay Dr., Apt. 113
Orlando, FL 32821 USA

New at the Database: David Lee Ingersoll

July 1, 2020 in News

Newest entries at the Comic Zine Database include 15 late ’80s minicomics published by David Lee Ingersoll. These entries were created from hard copies donated by the author.

Only 50 or so entries until we’re at 15,000!

New mini-comics in the works!

July 1, 2020 in News

Just a quick note to say I’m working on getting the PF mini-comics back on track. I’m putting finishing touches on a new issue of Wag Rag and after that will probably be a mini themed around “punks” in the ’50s by Carl Alessi.

The minis are available to subscribers through the Poopsheet Foundation Patreon.

Sneak peek image by Brad W. Foster!

In the mailbox: AMAZING LITTLE COMICS #1 by Joe Bagdon

July 1, 2020 in News

Joe Bagdon makes his return to small press comics! It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/superhero anthology comic that recalls the Golden Age of comics (as well as fanzines) in a sharp, nicely-designed mini package. Joe’s looking for collaborators and has a big project in the works that sounds like it’ll be a nice companion to the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database (or vice versa). Email Joe for more info (his PayPal account is that address as well).

$1.55 US or $2.45 to Canada from:

Bantam House Comics
Joe Bagdon
110 Montrose Dr.
Hampton, VA
23666 USA

Coming soon from Hollow Press: Mat Brinkman and Al Columbia

June 30, 2020 in News

Hollow Press in Italy has a few new items in the works including Multiforce Shit by Mat Brinkman, “a collection of all drawings, sketches and ads by Mat Brinkman originally published in Paper Rodeo (1995-2001) zine outside the Multiforce main comic full pages.” Pre-order here.

Also: a new comic by Al Columbia, Cheapy the Guinea Pig, as well as a new edition of The Biologic Show. Both of these are still in the works but there is a new Cheapy print available for pre-order here.

Plus more! If Brinkman and Columbia are your bag then you’ll want to visit the Hollow Press website to check out the rest of their wares.

In the mailbox: Floyd Lewis, mini-comic machine

June 30, 2020 in News

This package arrived a little while ago but, if Floyd is out of anything here, I bet he’s got plenty more to substitute. He seems to have a constant stream of new minis coming out!

Something he does that’s very old school is just reprint stuff he likes (to give away to fans). Here’s a list of the most recent zines I know about (some pictured, some not): Dartgirl: Space Station Disaster (three issues of comics by Floyd), Dartgirl: The Alien Dark, Spidermanga Fan Comic, Takuya Yamashiro Must Become Spiderman Fan Comic (full-color fumetti pulled from the 1978 Japanese Spider-Man movie, or is it the TV series?), Lost in Space Manga, Thunderbirds Vehicle Specifications, Bat Manga (cool ’60s Batman graphics from Japan), Microcomic #1 (reprints a Golden Age kids’ story I can’t place), Survivor Rule Book, Fan Art (art by Floyd), Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode Guide, and Batman Technical Manual. That’s a lot of minis, right?

Check out the Microcomic website or email Floyd Lewis to see what he’s got available.

In the mailbox: Mary Farfisa minis by Jim Cheff

June 30, 2020 in News

These are fun. I especially like the ‘I Love Music’ Book, which is like a tiny children’s book that nicely illustrates the various ways music can be a part of our lives. It’d be a great little gift for the kids in your life.

Both of these are available in a fun pack from Jim’s Mini Mart shop and also be sure to check out his Patreon page for more info on what he’s up to (like radio plays for kids!).

Mini Mart