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The Man in the Gutter: The Collection is a 24-page, black and white, written and illustrated by Dimitris Zach. Published by Deadhead Comics.

Declan finds himself caught somewhere between being a cartoonist and a cartoonist’s character. In the strange in-between place Declan struggles with what he is to become – the son, the light, the hero, or The Man in the Gutter?!

Dimitris spins an entertaining tale that takes the reader through the fragmented reality of a fragile character. The leaps across the character’s changing worlds keeps the story moving in unanticipated directions with interesting twists and rewarding payoffs! Dimitris’ art perfectly captures the disjointed psyche of the character Declan with bold lines and great drama framed by the balance of black and white spaces! You can join The Man in the Gutter at

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